Perfect Roast Chicken

For those of you who follow my instagram account probably realise by now – My hubby and I love roast chicken! We probably roast a chicken at least twice a month if not more! It is quick, it is versatile and it is delicious!


As it is only two of us, we usually eat all the dark meat and skin in the first sitting (the skin is the best part and never warms up well later…so enjoy it while its crispy 🙂 We then save the breast meat for another meal, like a quick stir fry, chicken salad, caesar salad, what ever we fancy. Finally we make stock from the bones!

Roast chicken is so incredibly simple and easy! You can find my recipe for roast chicken over at The Travelling Chopsticks or just click this link:

Perfect Roast Chicken

Happy Eating 🙂


Easy One-Pot LCHF Meal!

I made this the other night for dinner, Lemon & Oregano Roast Chicken  – it was super simple and best of all, it looked after itself!


Now I realise that there is beer in this recipe so let me clear up two things:

1. I only had beer in the house because a friend brought a pack over during the weekend, and this is what was left over. Please don’t judge me! 😉

2. Swap out the beer with the same amount of white wine or to be even more LCHF friendly with the same amount of chicken-stock and you are good to go 🙂

I served this with a roasted parmesan cheese cauliflower and it was a really lovely meal.

You can find the recipe over at The Travelling Chopsticks

I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did 🙂