LCHF Experiments in the Kitchen.

When I first started on the LHCF diet – I am going to be honest, I was slightly intimidated by it. I had gone from someone who believed everything was OK in moderation to someone who was cutting out an entire food group – carbs!

For the foodie in me – this was difficult. I love cooking and the idea to never make a certain pasta dish, or rice dish again was hard to come to terms with. However, as the months went by, and I saw how good my body felt living without these dishes my desire to make them diminished.

In fact, by adopting the LCHF diet – I believe it has not only made me a better cook but also more adventurous in the kitchen. I am always thinking of ways to adapt a recipe or experimenting with ideas I would have previously not even considered.

Like this Pork Melanese with crushed pork rind ‘breading’ that I made today. I would NEVER have thought of using crushed pork rinds had I not been trying to figure out how to make a batter without breadcrumbs.


Milanese with crushed pork rinds, on a bed of cucumber and onion salad.

And although this recipe still needs a bit of tweaking to be ‘perfect’ it still was delicious and I am proud of it! So although I don’t have an exact recipe to give you today, however I wanted to share these pictures with you today to give you some inspiration and ideas for your LCHF Kitchen!


Crushed pork rinds – next time I am going to blitz them in the food processor.


The most fun part of the dish – bashing the pork chops as thin as possible!


‘Breaded’ Melanese!

What I plan to do different next time, is put the pork rinds in a food processor to make finer ‘crumbs’ and I think cut down on the cooking time a bit (3 – 4 mins) as the pork was slightly too dry and over cooked. However, once I have perfected this technique you can be sure you will find it in The Travelling Chopsticks 🙂

Hope you enjoyed it!



Is LCHF and Organic Inseparable?

If there is one thing that drives me absolutely nuts when it comes to LCHF and Paleo for that matter is the snobbery and elitism that sometimes goes with it.

I recently read an article from a Paleo blog that I really enjoy, stating that farmed-salmon is not Paleo. What!? Wait a minute, how can that not be Paleo?  Its protein. Its fatty. Its not processed. Our ancestors ate salmon. So how come farm-raised salmon is not Paleo?


Well the reason given is it is due to the way the Salmon is reared and what they are fed. Naturally I agree that wild salmon is the optimal type of salmon to eat giving you the biggest health benefits. Farmed fish never taste as good and ultimately you don’t know what they have been fed or what has been pumped into them. But to completely disregard it and say it is not Paleo bothers me.

By disregarding it, you are disregarding a lot of people who can’t get hold of wild salmon or more likely can’t afford to buy wild salmon. If you are feeding an entire family you have to watch that budget. But this is not just about salmon – I have seen many LCHF & Paleo blogs/groups/FB pages that make you believe that unless you are eating purely organic, grass fed, free range, cage free etc etc you are not ‘really’ Paleo/LCHF and are dismissed.

And this is where my problem lies. I would LOVE to buy everything organic, cage free, grass fed, free range – you name it. But I just don’t have access to it. Organic produce here in Brazil is still a relatively new concept (most of it’s organic products get shipped abroad), and when it is available it is prohibitively expensive. Does that mean I don’t eat LCHF? 

Absolutely not. My opinion and let me be clear – it is my opinion and I am not an expert – is that as long as I am doing the best that I can. As long as I am making the best decision out of the choices I have, I shouldn’t be told that it is not good enough. I should be encouraged!

Anyway – that was my rant, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this debate. Do you think you can only eat LCHF/Paleo if you only buy and eat the best quality products? 


The LCHF Club is now on Facebook!

Hi Guys,

I have decided that it is about time, that The LCHF Club embraces facebook! Although I will continue blogging here about LCHF and sharing my recipes with you, I feel that Facebook provides the perfect place to share and recieve quick information and an excellent platform for conversations!

I am member of a number of LCHF pages on FB that are in Swedish, and I have learnt so much from them, discovered recipes and been given great advise from that group – that I really wanted there to be something for the English speaking community as well.

The more people we get involved with the Facebook page – the more useful it will be for all of us LCHFers and future LCHFers 🙂

I look forward to seeing you there 🙂

The LCHF Club Facebook Page 

Is Coca-Cola Admitting to Its Big Fat Problem?

I came across this interesting article today in Bloomberg Business Week. I think this is the first time that I have read anywhere that Coca-Cola is insinuating that they may have been in the wrong.

Coke Confronts Its Big Fat Problem


It still doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence though. I get the impression that coke may not be doing so well but it appears that the trend for ‘sports drinks’ is rapidly increasing…..which is just as frightening.


Cauliflower Pizza!

So I finally took the plunge! Last night I made a cauliflower pizza – and it was FANTASTIC! I have been living the LCHF lifestyle for over a year – and it has taken me so long to try to make this, because quite frankly, I thought it would be horrible.

But, as always my pre-conceived ideas were absolutely wrong! The cauliflower pizza turned out to be so good, that even my hubby (who is a pizza lover) was impressed with it!

In all honesty it is slightly fiddly to make – but it is not difficult! So if you have a little time on your hands and fancy having a pizza night, give this a go!

You can find the recipe as usual over at The Travelling Chopsticks!

Also what I love about this – is that this recipe can soo easily be vegetarian as well – it all depends on what toppings you want!

Enjoy and Happy Sunday 🙂



New Rice Alternative

The other night I made a wonderful fish curry! It was delicious! Not only was it creamy, spicy and wonderfully LCHF, but it was incredibly easy to make! You can find the recipe over at The Travelling Chopsticks.

However, like many of us LCHFers, I too have certain food that I miss, especially in relation to other food. Rice being one of them. I love everything about rice. The look of it, the texture of it, the amazing way it works as a vehicle for wonderfully rich sauces.

Not eating rice along with my curry seems almost like sacrilege – ok, ok I am being overly dramatic, but you get the picture! I have mentioned previously cauliflower rice proved to be an adequate alternative, and I have recently discovered another alternative…..bean sprouts!

It’s small, it’s crunchy and not only does it give a great texture, but it too proves to be a great vehicle for all that lovely sauce. Now, I am going to be honest with you – it is NOT rice, it will NEVER be rice, but importantly for me I didn’t MISS the rice!


According to Nutrition Data:

  • 100g bean sprouts = 6g of carbs
  • 100g of white cooked rice = 28g of carbs

If I am avoiding 22g of carbs in one serving – than that bean sprout ‘rice’ is suddenly looking even better 🙂

Preparing the bean sprouts is incredibly easy and quick. In some fat/oil (of your choosing) quickly fry the bean sprout. For me it was important that the bean sprouts were really just warmed through – I wanted to maintain the crunch and make sure they were not soggy. I added some salt and pressed garlic for a bit of extra flavour.

Time Magazine!

Guys – keep a look out for Time Magazine that is coming out next week – Ending the War on Fat!! And on the cover, a beautiful swirl of butter! 🙂



Finally Time Magazine is going to (hopefully) rectify the terrible press that it gave butter and fat 30 years ago!


That fat is good for us, is old news for all of us LCHFers, but this is a huge step forward for mainstream nutrition! I don’t know about you, but I am tiered of always trying to explain my food choices! Now lets hope the article is going to be as good and thorough as the picture 🙂