My LCHF Challenge

For those of you who are interested in the LCHF diet, or want to know what it really entails to chage your current diet or lifesyle quite drastically, here you will be able to find my journey!

Week ONE

Week TWO



LCHF Updates


3 thoughts on “My LCHF Challenge

  1. I have a question for people in this community. I do not mean to bring any controversial topics into discussion, so I apologize ahead of time if it is taken as that way. Anyway, I ‘my curious to know if anyone here is Eastern Orthodox and if so, do you follow the fast days? How do you follow the fast days and seasons and still remain lchf? I’m insulin resistant (not diabetic) and I ‘m exempt from following any fasts, but every fasting season, I struggle between the desire to follow the fasts and the desire to feed my body only the types of foods that are good for me. Any Orthodox Christians out there know what church social events mean in the way of foods served during fast seasons.. Breads, pasta, rice, potato, fat and oil free everything, butter substitutes. How do you all get through the seasonal fasts while following lchf? Again, this question is purely for the sake of helping this new convert to both the Orthodox Church and LCHF figure out how to personally honor both in her life. I would love to hear from others in the same or a similar situation with regards to religious fasts and lchf.

    • Hi Karen

      In my experience most people don’t do fast DAYS but as we get used to eating lchf, as fat is so satisfying, as it removes the binge thing because we just feel so full and satisfied, people just naturally eat less often. In my previous standard high carb low fat way of eating, I was hungry for food between meals, was unstoppable with sugar, and could easily eat crap food after I was supposedly full from a meal. Now with eating lchf, the thought of more eating is the last thing on my mind! So I can easily have 2 meals a day with say a full fat chai between. If people have a solid, satisfying lchf dinner, the thought of breakfast the next day often doesn’t come into my thinking.

      So a full day of fasting? Not for me. I would become like a caged animal and reach for carbs and sugar – and become unstoppable, just like the bad old days.

      I hope these thoughts help

  2. Hi Karin,
    Roman Catholics are allowed to eat fish, which many of them were also doing every Friday. You could consider to, just before fasting, accumulate more body-fat with foods of the end of summer and autumn, then get into ketosis again well before the fasting starts so you have enough stored energy to keep going for many days without eating… If you want to fast at all cost then that could be a way to not be too hungry..
    Good luck.

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