Is LCHF and Organic Inseparable?

If there is one thing that drives me absolutely nuts when it comes to LCHF and Paleo for that matter is the snobbery and elitism that sometimes goes with it.

I recently read an article from a Paleo blog that I really enjoy, stating that farmed-salmon is not Paleo. What!? Wait a minute, how can that not be Paleo?  Its protein. Its fatty. Its not processed. Our ancestors ate salmon. So how come farm-raised salmon is not Paleo?


Well the reason given is it is due to the way the Salmon is reared and what they are fed. Naturally I agree that wild salmon is the optimal type of salmon to eat giving you the biggest health benefits. Farmed fish never taste as good and ultimately you don’t know what they have been fed or what has been pumped into them. But to completely disregard it and say it is not Paleo bothers me.

By disregarding it, you are disregarding a lot of people who can’t get hold of wild salmon or more likely can’t afford to buy wild salmon. If you are feeding an entire family you have to watch that budget. But this is not just about salmon – I have seen many LCHF & Paleo blogs/groups/FB pages that make you believe that unless you are eating purely organic, grass fed, free range, cage free etc etc you are not ‘really’ Paleo/LCHF and are dismissed.

And this is where my problem lies. I would LOVE to buy everything organic, cage free, grass fed, free range – you name it. But I just don’t have access to it. Organic produce here in Brazil is still a relatively new concept (most of it’s organic products get shipped abroad), and when it is available it is prohibitively expensive. Does that mean I don’t eat LCHF? 

Absolutely not. My opinion and let me be clear – it is my opinion and I am not an expert – is that as long as I am doing the best that I can. As long as I am making the best decision out of the choices I have, I shouldn’t be told that it is not good enough. I should be encouraged!

Anyway – that was my rant, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this debate. Do you think you can only eat LCHF/Paleo if you only buy and eat the best quality products? 



The LCHF Club is now on Facebook!

Hi Guys,

I have decided that it is about time, that The LCHF Club embraces facebook! Although I will continue blogging here about LCHF and sharing my recipes with you, I feel that Facebook provides the perfect place to share and recieve quick information and an excellent platform for conversations!

I am member of a number of LCHF pages on FB that are in Swedish, and I have learnt so much from them, discovered recipes and been given great advise from that group – that I really wanted there to be something for the English speaking community as well.

The more people we get involved with the Facebook page – the more useful it will be for all of us LCHFers and future LCHFers 🙂

I look forward to seeing you there 🙂

The LCHF Club Facebook Page 

New Rice Alternative

The other night I made a wonderful fish curry! It was delicious! Not only was it creamy, spicy and wonderfully LCHF, but it was incredibly easy to make! You can find the recipe over at The Travelling Chopsticks.

However, like many of us LCHFers, I too have certain food that I miss, especially in relation to other food. Rice being one of them. I love everything about rice. The look of it, the texture of it, the amazing way it works as a vehicle for wonderfully rich sauces.

Not eating rice along with my curry seems almost like sacrilege – ok, ok I am being overly dramatic, but you get the picture! I have mentioned previously cauliflower rice proved to be an adequate alternative, and I have recently discovered another alternative…..bean sprouts!

It’s small, it’s crunchy and not only does it give a great texture, but it too proves to be a great vehicle for all that lovely sauce. Now, I am going to be honest with you – it is NOT rice, it will NEVER be rice, but importantly for me I didn’t MISS the rice!


According to Nutrition Data:

  • 100g bean sprouts = 6g of carbs
  • 100g of white cooked rice = 28g of carbs

If I am avoiding 22g of carbs in one serving – than that bean sprout ‘rice’ is suddenly looking even better 🙂

Preparing the bean sprouts is incredibly easy and quick. In some fat/oil (of your choosing) quickly fry the bean sprout. For me it was important that the bean sprouts were really just warmed through – I wanted to maintain the crunch and make sure they were not soggy. I added some salt and pressed garlic for a bit of extra flavour.

Stir Fry Beef with Carrot ‘Noodles’

Do you remember a few weeks ago I made zucchini noodles by hand? Well after I wrote that post – I went online and immediately ordered myself this:


This little handy tool is called a julienne peeler and is great for making ‘noodles’ or ‘spaghetti’ out of anything 🙂

So today, for lunch I decided to make a beef stir fry using carrots as my ‘noodle’. It was a really good and satisfying lunch. My only complaint is that there was probably not enough fat in it, but I am rectifying that now, buy having a hot tea with cream!

photo (5)

You can make this with any of your favourite stir fry recipes. Prepare the meat and vegetables like you would normally, and in the last 3-5 minutes throw in your julienned carrot. I like my carrots still slightly crunchy, so I just stir them in and let them get heated through and then lunch is ready 🙂

Now before you go and start complaining that carrots are not ‘LCHF’ I will agree with you. If you are on a strict LCHF diet, you should not be eating any root vegetables due to the sugar content. However, rules need to be broken sometimes. right? 🙂

I have been fielding a lot of questions recently on how much carbohydrates am I allowed to eat? What should my ratios be? What is considered LCHF? And in all honesty it seems there is no hard or fast rule on this – even amongst the LCHF experts! But there is common sense!

Lets have a look at the carrot for example. For every 100g there is 10g of carbohydrate, which when compared to 17g in a potato, 23g in rice and 75g in pasta….I think it is fare to say it is pretty low. So my feeling is, if you want to use it to make your ‘noodles’ every so often, do it! In order for LCHF to be a success for you and is a diet you can live with, I think it is important to vary your meals and not to get stuck in a rut!

What are your thoughts on bending the rules? are you a strict LCHFer or slightly more liberal?

Please….No More Hotel Food!

So C and I moved out of our apartment two weeks ago today and have been staying in a hotel. The hotel is fantastic, it is a nice feeling to know that all the hard work is done in regards to packing up and out of our apartment, and now we can just sit back and relax and enjoy our final few weeks here in Mexico. However one thing that is really starting to get to me is not being able to cook and eat my own food.

At breakfast today, I took my usual eggs and bacon….but you know what? I just could not stomach it. I mean it looks good doesn’t it? But after 14 days straight I had such a strong reaction against it! So it had to be toast with lots of butter and ham – not LCHF but it was delicious!


In exactly a week, we will be in our new home in Brasilia….more than anything, I can’t wait to start cooking my own food! But do you know what I am not tiring of? This view from the breakfast table:


A Leisurely Lunch!

It has been raining cats and dogs here in Mexico City for the last 2 weeks but today has been the first day I have seen sun! So after my run I decided to grab the opportunity to have lunch outside, and work on a post idea I have for The Travelling Chopsticks, so I went to one of my favourite cafe’s here in Polanco, the Belgian chain Le Pain Quotidien:


I started with a summary gazpacho – which really is one of the best gazpacho I have had (sorry mummy…yours is good to!!) Followed by a Niçoise Salad. If you ignore the piece of bread poking out behind the gazpacho, and the baby potatoes hiding under my salad leaves (which naturally I did) this was a very healthy LCHF meal 🙂


Writing some notes for TTChopsticks

I am slowly getting back onto that band wagon!

Sometimes That Wagon is so Damn Hard to Stay On!

So, I realise it has been pretty quite here the last few weeks, and I am sorry – I have such a guilty conscience about it. C and I were on holiday the first 2 weeks of August, and I have to admit, I am a rubbish blogger when I am on the move!

I also have a big confession to make – I have not been living  completely LCHF for the last few weeks. It was just too difficult. Is that a weak excuse? I think so too! However, sometimes life gets in the way no matter how good your intentions are! C and I visited Paris for a few days – and I challenge anyone to say no to a freshly made croissant in the morning, or a pick nick made up entirely of amazing French bread, cheese, pate and wine?! I’m sorry but I am human, and I love to eat!

We also went to Sweden to visit my family – this was slightly easier to keep on track as both my parents, my brother and his girlfriend are LCHFers , well not really my dad, but as he doesn’t cook he has no say as to what is served for dinner 😉 But that is not to say I did not cheat (a lot).  When you live abroad, there is something about going home and wanting to eat all the food that you can’t normally get! For me, that was all the fantastic Swedish cakes and breads (I don’t even have that much of a sweet tooth), new potatoes straight from the earth, toasted bread with butter and cheese….these are things I dream about when I am abroad!

But do I regret it? Not really. I enjoyed every piece of rhubarb crumble with vanilla sauce I could get my hands on in Sweden – but do I want to get back on track? Absolutely. While I am on strict LCHF my body feels so vibrant and awake, where as now, I feel slightly dull and blurry (not to mention a few kilos heavier!).

We are now back in Mexico, however our life is a bit upside down as we are preparing our move to Brazil! We packed out of our apartment yesterday and I am now sitting here in my hotel room with my two cats – but am determined to eat as strict LCHF as I can for the next few weeks. This obviously will have its own challenges, but I need to get back on that wagon!

I’m curious am I the only one that has fallen off the wagon recently? If not, how do you get back on? And how do you stay on when you are on holiday? Or are you like me, where you think you can cheat slightly every now and again?