Is Coca-Cola Admitting to Its Big Fat Problem?

I came across this interesting article today in Bloomberg Business Week. I think this is the first time that I have read anywhere that Coca-Cola is insinuating that they may have been in the wrong.

Coke Confronts Its Big Fat Problem


It still doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence though. I get the impression that coke may not be doing so well but it appears that the trend for ‘sports drinks’ is rapidly increasing…..which is just as frightening.



Sugar Hangover and Apparent Remedies!

I am suffering!

Yes. I have the worst hangover I have experienced in a while…and it has nothing to do with alcohol and EVERYTHING to do with carbs and sugar! The worst of it is, I can’t blame anyone but myself!

C and I had a dinner party on Saturday night at our place, it was a casual and informal event for a group of people and we wanted to serve something that was quick and easy to make. Although we haven’t eaten pasta in month, we both thought that this would be a good option. I would make a lovely ragu, we will serve our guests pasta and C and I will eat cabbage noodles….

Well, what can I say. On the evening itself, things didn’t go as planned, time got the better of me and to make my life easier, I ended up eating pasta myself. I ate a small plate, as I did not want to over do it, and then enjoyed the evening with my friends (it was delicious by the way!).

However, no matter how delicious that pasta was on Saturday, it was not worth the way I felt on Sunday morning and today. My head feels like it is in a thick fog or cloud, my sinuses feel blocked and I have a headache that just won’t leave me – not to mention I am craving chocolate like nobodies business! It truly feels as though I have a terrible hangover!

I did some research on the web today on carb hangovers, but I really didn’t come across a lot of useful information. However, I did find some ‘remedies’ in regards to what to do if you have a Carb or Sugar hangover. I don’t know how effective they really are, but this is the information I found:

1. Drink plenty of water: Try to flush out all the toxins that are now in your body.

2. Exercise: Move your body, try to burn the carbs you have eaten so you can go back to burning fat instead.

3. Eat lots of fat and protein during the day: Because you have been on a sugar high, your body will be CRAVING sugar again, so if you keep yourself full, you might be able to control your cravings slightly better.

4. Take supplements: Apparently Chromium picolinate, glutamine and carnitine are good for curing the crave for sugar.(I don’t really know how I feel about this one!)

5. Hang on in there! The sugar can take up to 12 to 48 hours to flush through your body!

Well – I don’t know how much I believe in any of these remedies – with the exception of taking supplements, they are all pretty straight forward and quite frankly none of them has worked…apart from the 5th one…Yes, I’m still hanging on in there…I have no other choice!?

I really can’t get over how my body has reacted to the pasta on Saturday night. It has also made it very clear to me, that if I really want to live the LCHF lifestyle, I have to commit to it 100%. I can’t have cheat days, or cheat meals as apparently my body is not able to process it when I do. Quite frankly, no cheat meal is that good to feel this bad!

Has any of you ever had a carb/sugar hangover, and if so – what are your cures?!

BBC News: Fat IN, Sugar OUT!

Guys – have you seen this article from the BBC regarding fat?

It talks about how there is a growing amount of research that fat is actually good for us, and it is in fact sugar that we should be carefully consuming. The fact that this kind of information is increasingly being portrayed in mainstream media is great news for all of us LCHFers, and a great step forward to fighting obesity and diabetes in our society.

The only aspect of this article that made me raise my eyebrows slightly was the talk about calories – not that I am a nutritional expert, however the majority of information that I have read regarding consumption of fat, is that calories are not created equally and we shouldn’t really be monitoring them as we have done in the past.

However aside from that – it is still an exciting article especially in regards to the paradigm shift that we are slowly starting to witness! Now it is time for breakfast….eggs and bacon guilt free 😉

Addicted to Sugar – BBC Documentary

My husband has been harping on at me to watch this great documentary about sugar for weeks, unfortunately with so much going on in my life at the moment, I did not have the time to just sit down and watch it. However, yesterday afternoon I found an hour, and I completely understand why C was so keen that I should see it. It was excellent!

It is actually part of a 4 part BBC documentary series called Addicted to Pleasure, which investigates our addictions to tobacco, opium, whiskey and sugar, and how these addictions really fueled and drove the British empire.

Naturally I watched the Addicted to Sugar episode first, and it is that program I would like to share with you today – but it was so well put together and so entertaining I now have to watch the other three.

Unlike some of the other interviews, lectures and videos I have posted – this really looks at sugar at a different angle and brings some historical context into the discussion. Furthermore it is not patronising in the least bit, but very informative.

So sit down with a nice cup of tea or coffee (naturally, with lots of cream and no sugar!) and watch it. Its an hour well spent 🙂