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Hey guys – how is your low carb November going so far ūüôā¬†I’m feeling pretty good and on track!

I know when I first started on LCHF, the hardest thing for me was to get my head around to the idea that saturated fat is actually good for us! And that we should not only incorporate fat into our diet, but embrace it. Six month down the line, and I have fully embraced this idea and now it just seems natural to me.

However, for those of you who were skeptical like I was – ABC Television in Australia has done a fantastic documentary called Heart of the Matter which deals precisely on this topic: saturated fat and cholesterol. I had seen this documentary being spoken about on various LCHF blogs from down under, but I have just watched it for myself – and I am feeling even more impassioned on this topic!

It is two episodes of about 30 minutes each – please, please please take the time to at least watch the first episode (Heart of the Matter, Dietary Villains), which deals with saturated fat and cholesterol and how in fact it is sugar that is the enemy! The other episode delves more into cholesterol and drugs – which is also incredibly interesting!

Sometimes I wish I could shout out this information from the roof tops so everyone can hear – I want everyone to understand how important this information is.

Here are some more information currently being published on wordpress on this matter – which makes for interesting reading!


My Big Fat Diet – Documentary

So I was browsing the web as usual looking for interesting programs or speeches on LCHF, and came across this moving CBC Documentary from 2008 called My Big Fat Diet.

The documentary is based on the Namgis who are First Nation people of Alert Bay in Northern Canada. It is well documented that the indigenous population of Canada suffer from high rates of obesity and diabetes, and according to mainstream health experts this is due to a sedentary lifestyle and a diet rich in fat.

However Dr. Jay Wortsman does not believe that this is the case and says that carbohydrates, sugar and junkfood are to blame and persuaded the community of Alert Bay to take up a dietary challenge that returned them to a traditional style of eating for one year, and to see what the results were.

I really enjoyed watching this documentary and following the progress of this community over a year. It was very moving and touching as you saw how people’s lives generally improved with this new way of eating. However this documentary was aired in 2008 (slightly dated) and I cannot find any new information on how the community is doing today – I really hope that they do a follow up program!

What really struck me about this documentary is that it shows that the LCHF diet is not just some fad diet coming out of Sweden, but rather Dr’s and scientists all over the world are coming to this conclusion. Our health care professionals need to start looking at this way of eating more seriously – why are we still wasting time with a method that just doesn’t work!!

I hope you enjoy the video!

Enjoy Saturated Fat – They Are Good For You!

I was browing the web, when I stumbled upon this very interesting speech by Dr. Donald W. Miller, in regards to how saturated fat is in fact good for you. I have to admit, public speaking may not be Dr. Miller’s foretay – he seemed rather nervous on stage, but I am glad I continued to watch what he had to say as it really was rather enlightening.

I thought that I would share his speech  with all of you as well, as I felt that it gave some really good background as to why exactly we are all eating LCHF. Not because it is a fad diet and we want to be slim and beautiful (although I would be very happy if that did happen), but because it is healthier for us! The video is almost an hour long, but I highly suggest that you take the time to watch it, or at least listen to it as allot of his arguments make a lot of sense.

Although I think the speech is worth watching – you can also read his written version here:

Its time to stop being scared of saturated fats and start to embrace them!