Are Calories Made Equal?

About 3 months ago I came across Sam Feltham in the Huffington Post. He was doing a 21 day experiment eating a real food Low Carb High Fat diet, but consuming a whopping 5794 calories a day by eating eggs, nuts, fatty fish, steak and green vegetables.  He wanted to see if the conventional theories about calories are true, that in order to gain weight you have to consume more calories than you burn.

If we are to believe the conventional theory of calories, Sam Feltham should have put on 7.3kg in this 21 day experiment – but do you know how much he put on? 1.3kg!

Here you can read all about Sam Felthams journey and his theory as to why he did not put on the predicted weight!

Now Sam Feltham has just finished another experiment. He did a 21 day challenge eating 5793 calories, but eating a diet high in refined carbs. Do you know how much he put on? 7kg!

You should read his journey here:

That is quite incredible difference, and I think quite a good illustration that a calorie does not equal a calorie, and the food that you put inside your body does matter!

Just a little food for thought before you start your weekend!

Happy Friday 🙂


It Is No Longer Just About LCHF….

Starting the LCHF diet changed my life. Don’t get me wrong, I was not sick, I was not over weight, I have not made any miracle recovery. But I have discovered a lot.

What started out as a sceptical experiment into the life of LCHF has not only led me to believe that LCHF is a much better way to live your life, it has also opened up my eyes to the amount of rubbish we are putting into our bodies!

No matter what kind of diet you are on – there is one thing we should ALL strive for and that is cutting out the crap. Even Prince Charles is on the band wagon! You should read his speech which was given at the Lagenburg Form this year:

With this in mind, I have decided to take the Unprocessed October Challenge. This is a movement that started 4 years ago and was created by Andrew Wilder from Eating Rules. I think the title is pretty self explanatory, but the idea is that for the entire month of October I will avoid processed food. This does not necessarily mean I have to make everything from scratch (I do not see myself making cheese for example) but what it does mean is that I will choose food products that only include ingredients which I can actually find in my kitchen, that I can actually make myself or that I can actually pronounce (Butylated Hydroxyanisole meets none of these requirements!).

If any of you are interested in taking this challenge too – head on over to Eating Rules, and make the pledge!

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

I watched Jamie Oliver’s TED talk which he did in 2010 and it was incredibly moving, I can’t believe I have not come across it until today. Although this is not LCHF per say, the whole speech, and what Jamie Oliver stands for, is something that I think we should all strive for, and we should demand our governments to strive for.

No matter what so-called diet you are on or what you believe in whether it is Low Carb High Fat or High Carb and Low Fat – there is one thing that we should all agree on, and that is we need to bring an end to the processed food culture.  We need to teach our kids about food and where it comes from, we need to make big corporations accountable for the rubbish they are feeding us, we need to teach people how to feed themselves again, we need education, we need to change!