Is Coca-Cola Admitting to Its Big Fat Problem?

I came across this interesting article today in Bloomberg Business Week. I think this is the first time that I have read anywhere that Coca-Cola is insinuating that they may have been in the wrong.

Coke Confronts Its Big Fat Problem


It still doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence though. I get the impression that coke may not be doing so well but it appears that the trend for ‘sports drinks’ is rapidly increasing…..which is just as frightening.



Addicted to Sugar – BBC Documentary

My husband has been harping on at me to watch this great documentary about sugar for weeks, unfortunately with so much going on in my life at the moment, I did not have the time to just sit down and watch it. However, yesterday afternoon I found an hour, and I completely understand why C was so keen that I should see it. It was excellent!

It is actually part of a 4 part BBC documentary series called Addicted to Pleasure, which investigates our addictions to tobacco, opium, whiskey and sugar, and how these addictions really fueled and drove the British empire.

Naturally I watched the Addicted to Sugar episode first, and it is that program I would like to share with you today – but it was so well put together and so entertaining I now have to watch the other three.

Unlike some of the other interviews, lectures and videos I have posted – this really looks at sugar at a different angle and brings some historical context into the discussion. Furthermore it is not patronising in the least bit, but very informative.

So sit down with a nice cup of tea or coffee (naturally, with lots of cream and no sugar!) and watch it. Its an hour well spent 🙂

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

I watched Jamie Oliver’s TED talk which he did in 2010 and it was incredibly moving, I can’t believe I have not come across it until today. Although this is not LCHF per say, the whole speech, and what Jamie Oliver stands for, is something that I think we should all strive for, and we should demand our governments to strive for.

No matter what so-called diet you are on or what you believe in whether it is Low Carb High Fat or High Carb and Low Fat – there is one thing that we should all agree on, and that is we need to bring an end to the processed food culture.  We need to teach our kids about food and where it comes from, we need to make big corporations accountable for the rubbish they are feeding us, we need to teach people how to feed themselves again, we need education, we need to change!

My Big Fat Diet – Documentary

So I was browsing the web as usual looking for interesting programs or speeches on LCHF, and came across this moving CBC Documentary from 2008 called My Big Fat Diet.

The documentary is based on the Namgis who are First Nation people of Alert Bay in Northern Canada. It is well documented that the indigenous population of Canada suffer from high rates of obesity and diabetes, and according to mainstream health experts this is due to a sedentary lifestyle and a diet rich in fat.

However Dr. Jay Wortsman does not believe that this is the case and says that carbohydrates, sugar and junkfood are to blame and persuaded the community of Alert Bay to take up a dietary challenge that returned them to a traditional style of eating for one year, and to see what the results were.

I really enjoyed watching this documentary and following the progress of this community over a year. It was very moving and touching as you saw how people’s lives generally improved with this new way of eating. However this documentary was aired in 2008 (slightly dated) and I cannot find any new information on how the community is doing today – I really hope that they do a follow up program!

What really struck me about this documentary is that it shows that the LCHF diet is not just some fad diet coming out of Sweden, but rather Dr’s and scientists all over the world are coming to this conclusion. Our health care professionals need to start looking at this way of eating more seriously – why are we still wasting time with a method that just doesn’t work!!

I hope you enjoy the video!

Petter Attia’s TED Talk: What if We are Wrong About Diabetes

When I first started to get interested in the LCHF lifestyle, I spent hours trawling the web, reading blogs, trying to find out as much information as I can on the subject. It was during this pursuit, I came across Dr. Petter Attia and his blog The Eating Academy. I really enjoyed his way of writing and how incredibly thorough he was in his research.

So today, when I saw that he had given a TED talk – I was excited. I really enjoyed the talk, unlike many of his articles which are very fact and scientific driven, I felt this his TED talk was personal and heart-felt (even got a bit emotional towards the end – which I wasn’t expecting).

Also what I liked about it is the fact that he honestly admits that he does not have the answers! None of us have the answers at the moment when it comes to nutrition – but something is wrong. Something is wrong when we have such a huge increase in obesity and diabetes in our societies. Somthing is wrong when a seemingly healthy man can suddenly develop diabetes in his 20s.

We need to re-examine why this is happening, and if cutting out sugar and carbs and regulating our insulin levels is the key, we need to research this!Here is the talk in case you are interested in watching it:

Petter Attia: What if we are wrong about diabetes

A Series on Obesity

Its Fact Finding Friday (gosh the week has gone quickly!)

So I had found some really interesting videos on sugar – more specifically Dr. Robert Lustig speech The  Bitter Truth About Sugar. But to be honest, not only is it long (1.5hrs) I think I need to watch it at least 1 more time, to really understand it myself…it was rather heavy on the science side and to be honest my dyslexic mind needs a bit more time to wrap itself around what he was saying!

However, I came across this series called The Skinny on Obesity where Robert Lustig is interviewed and it is divided up into far more manageable episodes. I really enjoyed watching them, and watched them one after the other (well really listened to them, as I was at work!).

It is not on “LCHF” specific, however I think anyone who is interested in pursuing the LCHF lifestyle, is doing it for health reasons and to lead a better life!. Episode 5 Generation XL really struck a chord with me. As women, we are potentially predetermining the health of the next generation even before they are born and predetermining their quality of life!

So I hope you enjoy the series as much as I did!

Episode 1: An Epidemic for Everybody:

Episode 2:  Sickeningly Sweet

Episode 3: Hunger & Hormones

Episode 4: Sugar – a Sweet Addiction

Episode 5:  Generation XL

Episode 6: A Fast-Paced Fast Food Life

Episode 7: Drug, Cigarettes, Alcohol and Sugar

So what are your thoughts on the series? Is there anything you particularly would like to see in the next Fact Finding Friday?

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂