Cauliflower Pizza!

So I finally took the plunge! Last night I made a cauliflower pizza – and it was FANTASTIC! I have been living the LCHF lifestyle for overĀ a year – and it has taken me so long to try to make this, because quite frankly, I thought it would be horrible.

But, as always my pre-conceived ideas were absolutely wrong! The cauliflower pizza turned out to be so good, that even my hubby (who is a pizza lover) was impressed with it!

In all honesty it is slightly fiddly to make – but it is not difficult! So if you have a little time on your hands and fancy having a pizza night, give this a go!

You can find the recipe as usual over at The Travelling Chopsticks!

Also what I love about this – is that this recipe can soo easily be vegetarian as well – it all depends on what toppings you want!

Enjoy and Happy Sunday šŸ™‚




Almond Biscuits with Cheese

Although I had this as partĀ of myĀ lunch today, I am going to put this under the snack category. What you don’t see is the chicken drumstick I gobbled up cold in the kitchen while contemplating to makeĀ a chicken salad!



C made the almond biscuits and unfortunately he is travelling at the moment so I don’t have the recipe for you guys, but I am sure you can look them up somewhere else on the web. The intentions of these biscuits was to be like a sweet cookie….but as there is absolutely no sugar in it, it fails quite miserably in that taskĀ – but it does work really well as a vessel for cheese and other savoury goodies!

Perfect for a snack during the day with a cup of strong tea with almond milk!

Seed Cracker Recipe

So I have been promising to post the recipe I found on the Seed Crackers which I made this weekĀ – this really has become my saving grace! It is just such a great vehicle for putting on wonderful toppings such asĀ cheese and ham, it has a great crunchy texture and it tastes good on its own (unlike the OopsiesĀ – bleh!)

I was planning on posting the recipe here on this blog – but then realised this is something that everyone would love even if you are not on LCHF, so you can find the recipe over at The Travelling Chopsticks – here

I never thought I would be able to make something like this – but my goodness it is so simple! So go now and start baking šŸ™‚



No matter what you read about Ooppsies, don’t be fooled into thinking that you will enjoy it as much as bread – especially if you are a bread lover! However, they do make for a pretty good alternative, especially when your real interest is to pile on a thick layer of toppings to keep you full and satisfied. Some of the things I have had with ooppsies are the following: Cream Cheese with Smoked salmon, butter and cheese, cream cheese and ham…the possibilities are endless. Keep Reading