Stirfried Beef with Crispy Lettuce Wraps

This is what I had for breakfast on Sunday!


As I sheepishly admitted in my previous post – C and I crawled back home at 5.30am after a rather wild night out on Saturday. Not only was I feeling slightly worse for ware on Sunday morning, but I woke up wanting to eat anything other than eggs or yoghurt. I would have killed for a big bowl of creamy pasta!

However, these lettuce wraps came to mind – and it worked a treat. That greasy craving you tend to feel when you have consumed one too many beverages is satisfied by the beef, but you also get this incredibly fresh crunch with the lettuce which I love. Although maybe not conventional I would totally have these for breakfast again, but they work pretty well for dinner too! In fact, you can use any mince you want – I used to make a lot of Asian inspired chicken wraps – you can find that recipe over at The Travelling Chopsticks, however depending on how strict of an LCHFer you are, you may need to substitute the honey and soy!


Not the best photo, but I just found it amusing with our coffee cups. May not be a traditional breakfast, but it works! 🙂


Summery Breakfast!

This has become my favourite breakfast on the LCHF diet. Greek yoghurt with cream, mixed berries and chopped pecans. Admittedly in day to day life it never looks as appealing as this, as I put it all in a Tupperware and pop it into my handbag on the way to work…but the flavours are there!