Covering the Basics with Chrstine Cronau

Sorry it has been so long since my last post – life has been hectic over here with a constant stream of house guests, work events, social engagements – that I just have not had time to sit down and post.

However, today I came across this interview with Christine Cronau who I am following on FB and it really is a very good interview as it covers the most basic question of the LCHF life, many of which I had when I started. So I thought I would share it with you guys:

In case you don’t have time to listen to the entire 50 minute interview, you can also read the transcript here:

It has now been two month since I started my LCHF Challenge, and although I promise to write a post dedicated to the 2 Month Mark – I can tell you now, that I have no intention of returning back to my previous way of eating.  The more I read and look into LCHF – it just all make sense and I can’t believe all the nutritional nonsense that we have been fed by government and large food companies over my entire life time! It is time to stop and for the everday person to take control of what we put in our bodies!

I hope you enjoy the interview!


I Have a Confession (When Things Go Wrong)

As you probably have noticed it has been rather quite here the last few days. The reason being, is that Friday 10th May was Mother’s Day here in Mexico and we got the day off work! So along with a few friends of ours from Mexico City, we decided to go on a weekend trip to San Miguell do Allende which is about a 3 hour drive from here. I promise to write more about this magical Mexican city in the The Travelling Chopsticks as it truly is an amazing spot – if you ever fancy a holiday!

However for this issue we are not here to talk about what a wonderful weekend get-away I had with my friends and hubby, but instead focus on my LCHF confession.  Yes, your suspicions are confirmed – I did not keep to an LCHF friendly diet over the last few days! And do you know what?! I felt terrible. Keep Reading

Day 25

1030 Breakfast: 2 Home Made Seed Cracker. One with cream cheese and pate, One with butter & Cheese. Coffee with Cream

I made these home-made seed crackers – which were awesome. I will share the recipe shortly. They have far more consistency that Oppsie bread and far nicer to eat! I’m excited that I have found them!

1400 Lunch: Tea with Almond Milk

I was not at all hungry at lunch time, but knew I had to have something in my tummy, as we had an appointment between 3 and 5. I’m part of charity committee here in Mexico, and we spent a couple of hours at a local orphanage helping them set up their new library with all the new books and games we had donated. It was a lovely afternoon. But there was temptation everywhere! The other volunteers had backed some amazing cakes, biscuits and muffins, then they ordered pizza – it was torture! But C and I stayed strong 🙂

1800 Snack: 1 almond cookie with brie cheese

When I got home, I just needed something to tie me over until dinner. C had made these almond cookies the day before, which on their own I am not too excited about, but with the brie cheese, they were delicious, I will share these with you too!

1930 Dinner: Fried Chicken thigh with Salad, glass of red wine

Originally we were planning on eating salmon filets for dinner. However, after we left the orphanage and managed to abstain from all those goodies – C was determined to indulge in some fried chicken. So C was in charge of dinner – and he made them brilliantly, really crispy skin and succulent – what a lucky girl I am to have a hubby who is such a good cook!

2100 Snack: Chamomile Tea, which Sea Salt Dark Chocolate!

I have swapped out the milk for the tea – this is my first step to try to cut out milk completely. But I have decided that I am not cutting out my chocolate. I am not a fatty and I have no health problems to worry about, so I am going to enjoy this!

Future and Summary

I was actually surprised how little appetite I have had during the days over the weekend. This is something incredible for me as I am constantly hungry and wanting to nibble on something. I feel as though I have increased my fat consumption this week, and maybe that is the reason.

I am now on my final leg of this journey – and I’m feeling really excited. How I feel now, this is something I will definitely continue with in the future. I may even give myself another month…let’s see how it goes!

Day 15 – Still not great

08:00 Breakfast: Thermos of coffee and cream, half an avocado

Headache is still not letting up – not happy!

14:00 Lunch: Mixed salad with ham and cheese, with a garlic cream dressing

Had lunch from the cafeteria again – the salads are actually pretty good, feel as though I get my greens as well as my protein and fat. It’s quite a good back up option for when I am not organised enough to bring a packed lunch in.

17:30 Snack: A few wedges of pate

Not really a snack – more of a little nibble in the fridge! But as I promised to be very honest of what I am putting in my body – I guess I had to include it.

1900 Dinner: Fritatta with Goats Cheese and chorizo

I made another fritatta yesterday, but this time I used onions instead of leeks and added some chorizo I had at home. It turned out really well – it’s amazing how versatile the fritatta is, you can really add what ever flavour you have. But to be honest, the chorizo and the goats cheese were probably too strong flavours to have together – it should be one or the other.

2100 Chocolate and Milk Time!

Dont’ ask!

Summer & Future

My headache did not let up all day either – it’s this horrible pounding ache in my forehead and it was driving me crazy. I was drinking so much water in an attempt to ease it, but to no avail. I spoke to my gym instructor today (although I haven’t mentioned the diet to her yet) and she said it was probably lack of sugar – maybe she is correct? So that gave me an excuse to eat my chocolates 🙂 Also, I got my period in the evening (again, I can’t believe I’m writing this for the world to read!!) which could be the reason, why I have been feeling so bad the last few days. Has anyone else had any reactions like this when they started an LCHF diet?


Day 14 – Feeling Terrible

0800 Breakfast: Thermos of Coffee with cream, Yoghurt & Cream with berries and nuts.

1300 Lunch: 2 roasted chicken thigh with salad.

I was not organised enough to bring my own lunch with me today – which I hate as  I am forced to eat the canteen food. I immediately regretted it as after I was done, even though it what I ate fits into the LCHF frame, I did not feel very well – maybe it is the oil they use? Also, I got a thumping headache 10 mins after dinner which never went away the whole day.

1600 Snack: Cubed cheddar cheese with celery

Decided to have my snack earlier today at work – so that I could go to Hot Yoga and see if I felt better during the session. Unfortunately my thumping headache never eased off, so I did not end up going to Yoga.

1930 Dinner: Crisp bread with cottage cheese and smoked salmon, wedges of pate and ham

I was not very hungry for dinner – and C had been at a big lunch so none of us felt like cooking. HOwever, this was more than enough for dinner. Really enjoyed the combination of cottage cheese and smoked salmon on a crisp bread, I am definitely going to do that again!

2100 Snack: chocolate with milk

I have no words that describes my discipline!

Future & Summer: Today has been terrible. After lunch I got this thumping headache that just would not disappear. I realise I have not mentioned anything in my food journal about water – but I am drinking far more water now than before, so I know I’m not dehydrated. The headache lasted until I went to bed, but I managed to fall asleep – however, woke up at 2am from the pounding. I finally gave in, took 2 ibuprofen and put an icepack on my forehead and it disappeared. Can this really be a side effect of the diet?

Day 13

0800 Breakfast: Yoghurt & Cream with berries, Thermos of Coffee and Cream

11:30 Snack: Cubed cheddar Cheese and Celery

I was invited out for lunch with my colleagues today to celebrate a birthday. I knew we were going to a local sushi place so thought I better stock up on some food in case I did not have much options for lunch.

1330 Lunch: Miso Soup and Stir Fried Prawns.

Such a good thing I stocked up on the cheese as my choices for lunch was pretty miserable (the sushi on the other hand looked really good!). So I ordered Miso soup and Prawn stirfry, thinking it would just be prawns and veggies….nope! 6 small prawns, a scattering of soggy zucchini and the rest udon noodles.

1700 Snack: Leek & Goats Cheese Fritatta, slice of smoked salmon.

I was very aware that I had not eaten enough fat or enough food for that matter during lunch to get me through 90 mins of hot yoga. So when I got home, I wolfed down Sunday’s left over and added a bit of smoked salmon.

18:30 Exercise: 90mins Hot Yoga

I was pretty lazy last week, and only exercised twice. So I made myself go to yoga today. I have to admit that I am struggling through Yoga at the moment, half way through, I’m feeling really nauseous and faint. I don’t know if it is because I have not consumed enough ‘fat’ to burn during the session or it is just my body getting used to exercising at altitude again.

The thing with hot yoga is that you need to go on an empty-ish stomach – so you should avoid eating 2 hours before hand. So next time, I am going to make a conscious effort of eating enough fat and eating early enough…see if that helps!

20:30 Dinner: Sausages with onions and fried green beans in butter & Garlic

Loved this dinner. Had absolutely no problems or reactions. I even dolloped on a lot of crema on my plate and used that as a sour cream substitute and it was delicious.

0900 Chockolate and Milk

My goodness this is a hard habit to break! I just enjoy it so much….especially when you are done for the day, and just sitting watching some silly show on tellly!

Summary & Future:

I really have nothing new to report. I feel as though I’m getting into the swing of things, and eveyrthing is ticking along quite nicely.

Day 12

08:00 Breakfast: Yoghurt, berries and chopped pecans.

We tried a new brand of greek yoghurt today, and it was delicious, very thick and creamy. I must admit, it would have been even more delicious with a little bit of honey, but this is the nature of the beast…no sugar!

13:00 Lunch: Left over chicken (thigh and leg with skin)

I had planned to buy a salad to have with this, but never got around to it – I was too engrossed in my book (Captain Pantoja and the Special Service by Mario Vargas Llosa – well worth a read). So I just had the chicken and thought I would buy something later but never did.

17:00 Snack: Cheese and celery platter

Because I did not feel as though I had enough fat during the day, I cut up some sharp cheddar into cubes and had that with celery. Which turns out to be a very filling and satisfying snack (well for me anyway). There is something about the fresh crunchy celery that compliments the cheese and which keeps me satisfied.

20:00 Dinner: Fried Salmon fillets, with creamy Spinach and Bacon.

What a disaster! Not the food – the food tasted great (thank you hubby!) but my reaction to it was terrible. In the past I thought it was because I had too much rich food in one sitting which is why my tummy reacted the way it did. But, I have realised now, it is just the cream on its own. I don’t really understand why, as I am not lactose intolerant, I drink milk, cream in my coffee, yoghurt, ice cream (in the past) but when I have a creamy sauce its a painful explosion (sorry for descriptive image!).

10:00 Chocolate and Milk

I have done quite a lot of reading this afternoon about the danger of sugar and its addictive qualities – and I really think I have to stop with my chocolate in the evenings…as I realised I am almost dependent, I just need it! So I’m going to try tomorrow without!

Summary & Future: Apart from my bad tummy this afternoon, all the other symptoms that I was describing last week, have either disappeared or been explained. Apparently headaches and dehydration is quite normal in the beginning of LCHF: 

No one has explained anything about being extra smelly though – anyone have any ideas?