Sugar Hangover and Apparent Remedies!

I am suffering!

Yes. I have the worst hangover I have experienced in a while…and it has nothing to do with alcohol and EVERYTHING to do with carbs and sugar! The worst of it is, I can’t blame anyone but myself!

C and I had a dinner party on Saturday night at our place, it was a casual and informal event for a group of people and we wanted to serve something that was quick and easy to make. Although we haven’t eaten pasta in month, we both thought that this would be a good option. I would make a lovely ragu, we will serve our guests pasta and C and I will eat cabbage noodles….

Well, what can I say. On the evening itself, things didn’t go as planned, time got the better of me and to make my life easier, I ended up eating pasta myself. I ate a small plate, as I did not want to over do it, and then enjoyed the evening with my friends (it was delicious by the way!).

However, no matter how delicious that pasta was on Saturday, it was not worth the way I felt on Sunday morning and today. My head feels like it is in a thick fog or cloud, my sinuses feel blocked and I have a headache that just won’t leave me – not to mention I am craving chocolate like nobodies business! It truly feels as though I have a terrible hangover!

I did some research on the web today on carb hangovers, but I really didn’t come across a lot of useful information. However, I did find some ‘remedies’ in regards to what to do if you have a Carb or Sugar hangover. I don’t know how effective they really are, but this is the information I found:

1. Drink plenty of water: Try to flush out all the toxins that are now in your body.

2. Exercise: Move your body, try to burn the carbs you have eaten so you can go back to burning fat instead.

3. Eat lots of fat and protein during the day: Because you have been on a sugar high, your body will be CRAVING sugar again, so if you keep yourself full, you might be able to control your cravings slightly better.

4. Take supplements: Apparently Chromium picolinate, glutamine and carnitine are good for curing the crave for sugar.(I don’t really know how I feel about this one!)

5. Hang on in there! The sugar can take up to 12 to 48 hours to flush through your body!

Well – I don’t know how much I believe in any of these remedies – with the exception of taking supplements, they are all pretty straight forward and quite frankly none of them has worked…apart from the 5th one…Yes, I’m still hanging on in there…I have no other choice!?

I really can’t get over how my body has reacted to the pasta on Saturday night. It has also made it very clear to me, that if I really want to live the LCHF lifestyle, I have to commit to it 100%. I can’t have cheat days, or cheat meals as apparently my body is not able to process it when I do. Quite frankly, no cheat meal is that good to feel this bad!

Has any of you ever had a carb/sugar hangover, and if so – what are your cures?!


Weekly Menu – May 27 to June 2nd


Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs with ham, 2 tortillas and a chocolate brownie.

So I started the week well! We had Monday off and were invited to a friend’s for breakfast and I just didn’t have the heart to refuse. Although refusing the tortillas would have been easy, but I can honestly say I was just not thinking.

Lunch: Chili Rellano con Queso (Stuffed chilli with cheese)

I have finally found an LCHF friendly Mexican dish. I promise you that is no easy feat – however, this was delicious and I would definitely order it again!

Dinner: Camomile Tea and Dark Chocolate

Our lunch was such a late Mexican lunch (3pm) that I was not at all hungry in the evening. Plus all that cheese really kept me full. So I just nibbled on a bit of chocolate and sipped some tea while watching a recorded episode of Hannibal!


Lunch: Miso Soup, Tuna steak with avocado and lettuce wraps.

I went to lunch at the Japanese restaurant round the corner from work. I really had no idea what I wanted to eat (well apart from all the Sushi which I LOVE) so I chanced on this dish which turned out to be the perfect LCHF lunch!

Snack: Sliced chorizo

Dinner: Roast Chicken with buttery green beans, salad and creamy gravy

A lovely home cooked dinner. I could have definitely done without drinking the gravy as a soup as I got such a tummy ache after! I still have a hard time digesting overly fatty food…however nothing compared to what it used to be like.

Snack: Camomile Tea

Can you believe that I didn’t have chocolates – I had absolutely no craving for them!


Lunch: Vegetarian Pozole Soup, cochinita pibil (Translated: mexican food)

Pozole is a brothy soup with hominy – but I tried my very best to avoid all the hominy as much as possible, but I definitely got a few bites in. Also cochinita pibil is a lovely pulled port served on warm tortillas. I asked for a fork, and ate the meat and left the tortillas…eating Mexican can be done!

Dinner: Grilled Salmon Kebab, with garlic spinach and cream sauce.

I found this recipe in my Bon Apetit magazine. I made a few mistakes like cutting the pieces of salmon to small and cooking them too long so it ended up being dry  – but the flavour was there, and I would definitely make it again.

Snack: Camomile Tea and Lindt Dark Chocolate squares (x3)


Lunch: Pozole and sope with minced meat

So it was my colleagues birthday, and they wanted to go to the same restaurant that I went to the day before with C. The restaurant is well-known in Mexico for their pozole. Instead of trying to describe my food to you – here is the link to their menu which has pictures 🙂 I had the sope with minced meat…its like a mini pizza stacked full of minced meat, lettuce, cream and cheese. So I just ate the toppings leaving the tortilla bottom. I felt rather proud that I managed to get around from eating carbs yet-again at a Mexican restaurant!

Drinks: 1 glass Champaign, 1 tequila shot, half a glass of whiskey

Soo…I went to a friend’s leaving happy hour. I have to admit, I hate recording what I drink on this website! But I have promised to be honest – but I know my mother is reading this and judging…sorry mummy!

Dinner: Creamy scrambled eggs with smoked salmon

Snack: Lindt Dark Chocolate with sea salt (4x squares)

Really did not need the chocolate and definitely did not need 4 squares. I think that was influenced by the whiskey I drank earlier!


Breakfast: One creamy starbucks coffee

Maybe it was from the late dinner I had last night – but I was not hungry at all this morning. So only had the coffee. I probably got peckish around noon, but knew I was having lunch at 1 so I could wait.

Lunch: Stirfried Beef with vegetables, salad with thousand island dressing

Dinner: Mixed meat platter with cheese, tequila and sangrita

In actual fact what I ate is called a Molecajete, where all these different types of meat, cheese, onions and nopales are all put into a piping hot stone pestle. Your meant to eat it with tortillas but naturally I didn’t.


Breakfast: Smoked Salmon with cottage cheese on seed crackers

Lunch: 2 tostadas (dry tortillas), stirfriend prawns in garlic, coconut flan (shared 3 ways)

This is a good example that being organised is key to this diet. We were out sightseeing all day, and did not sit down for lunch until 4.30pm. By this time I was starving and ready to chew my own arm off – on the table was a pile of tostadas with different types of chili and I just had to eat something. Then C order the coconut flan and again I couldn’t resist a few spoonfuls, it was very yummy 🙂

Dinner: French Onion soup (sin crouton), Hamburger with butter sauce (sin bread)

As we had such a late lunch we were not hungry until much later. We went to watch a 2130 movie and went for a bite to eat after. I feel as though I have really turned into a Mexican! Lunch at 5pm, dinner at midnight!!


Breakfast: scrambled eggs with cream, seed cracker with cheese

Lunch: cheesy chicken dip, coconut crusted chicken  & salad, some m&ms, wine

We went to my colleagues daughter graduation party, and ate probably more than we should have I also tucked into this amazing cheesy chicken dip, which at the time I thought was LCHF friendly, but after speaking to the host and asked her how it was made, she told me there was an entire bottle of buffalo wing dressing in it. Now I don’t know exactly what that is – but I have a feeling it consists of lots of sugar and unpronounceable ingredients!

Dinner: 2 Turkey hot dogs

Again I wasn’t very hungry when we got  back from the party – and had absolutely NO inspiration to cook. However around 9pm, our guests went down and bought a packet of sausages from the corner shop. When I smelt them being prepared my hunger kicked in and ate two dogs. They were awful. Processed meat at its worst!

Note: That evening I got a terrible headache before I went to bed. One of those awful thumping behind the eye type of headache. I hoped that a good nights sleep would cure it, but I woke up with it as well and was very close to calling in sick. It could be a combinations of reasons such as stress, dehydration, exhaustion (or all of the above) but I do think it is from all the ‘bad’ food I ate on Sunday.

Summary: This week was much better in regards to the food front. We did not go out as much as did the week before, and I managed to be slightly more organised with my cooking. Something that is so important with being successful with this diet, is planning. Don’t wait until you are absolutely starving and have no self control over what you put in your mouth like I did on Saturday.

This week, I have been receiving a lot of compliments on my skin! Many people have commented on how good my skin is looking one person even said I ‘glowed’. Even C noticed! I generally I don’t have very good skin on my face, I always have lots of little pimples and spots around my chin – but after someone pointed out how good my face looked – I realised it has been a few weeks since I last had a breakout. I wonder if this is a direct link to the diet?

Day 15 – Still not great

08:00 Breakfast: Thermos of coffee and cream, half an avocado

Headache is still not letting up – not happy!

14:00 Lunch: Mixed salad with ham and cheese, with a garlic cream dressing

Had lunch from the cafeteria again – the salads are actually pretty good, feel as though I get my greens as well as my protein and fat. It’s quite a good back up option for when I am not organised enough to bring a packed lunch in.

17:30 Snack: A few wedges of pate

Not really a snack – more of a little nibble in the fridge! But as I promised to be very honest of what I am putting in my body – I guess I had to include it.

1900 Dinner: Fritatta with Goats Cheese and chorizo

I made another fritatta yesterday, but this time I used onions instead of leeks and added some chorizo I had at home. It turned out really well – it’s amazing how versatile the fritatta is, you can really add what ever flavour you have. But to be honest, the chorizo and the goats cheese were probably too strong flavours to have together – it should be one or the other.

2100 Chocolate and Milk Time!

Dont’ ask!

Summer & Future

My headache did not let up all day either – it’s this horrible pounding ache in my forehead and it was driving me crazy. I was drinking so much water in an attempt to ease it, but to no avail. I spoke to my gym instructor today (although I haven’t mentioned the diet to her yet) and she said it was probably lack of sugar – maybe she is correct? So that gave me an excuse to eat my chocolates 🙂 Also, I got my period in the evening (again, I can’t believe I’m writing this for the world to read!!) which could be the reason, why I have been feeling so bad the last few days. Has anyone else had any reactions like this when they started an LCHF diet?


Day 14 – Feeling Terrible

0800 Breakfast: Thermos of Coffee with cream, Yoghurt & Cream with berries and nuts.

1300 Lunch: 2 roasted chicken thigh with salad.

I was not organised enough to bring my own lunch with me today – which I hate as  I am forced to eat the canteen food. I immediately regretted it as after I was done, even though it what I ate fits into the LCHF frame, I did not feel very well – maybe it is the oil they use? Also, I got a thumping headache 10 mins after dinner which never went away the whole day.

1600 Snack: Cubed cheddar cheese with celery

Decided to have my snack earlier today at work – so that I could go to Hot Yoga and see if I felt better during the session. Unfortunately my thumping headache never eased off, so I did not end up going to Yoga.

1930 Dinner: Crisp bread with cottage cheese and smoked salmon, wedges of pate and ham

I was not very hungry for dinner – and C had been at a big lunch so none of us felt like cooking. HOwever, this was more than enough for dinner. Really enjoyed the combination of cottage cheese and smoked salmon on a crisp bread, I am definitely going to do that again!

2100 Snack: chocolate with milk

I have no words that describes my discipline!

Future & Summer: Today has been terrible. After lunch I got this thumping headache that just would not disappear. I realise I have not mentioned anything in my food journal about water – but I am drinking far more water now than before, so I know I’m not dehydrated. The headache lasted until I went to bed, but I managed to fall asleep – however, woke up at 2am from the pounding. I finally gave in, took 2 ibuprofen and put an icepack on my forehead and it disappeared. Can this really be a side effect of the diet?