Welcome to the LCHF Club!

My name is Alex and I am the author of The LCHF Club! which, as the name suggests focuses entirely on the LCHF lifestyle. I also pen another blog called The Travelling Chopsticks which covers a vast array of topics (usually all food related), ranging from travel, food, cooking and life as an expat.

A Little About Me.

I am a half Britt, half Swede who grew up in Singapore – I am passionately loyal to all three but don’t feel I belong to any of them. I am currently living in Brasilia, Brazil with my husband who works for the Foreign Service – which is why we move around so much. I am also crazy about my two cats Khloe and Pixie who sometimes make appearances in this blog and my instagram account, for no other reason than because they are cute!

photo (11)

Khloe and I chilling before a workout session 🙂

A Little About The LCHF Club.

You can read about how I got interested in LCHF here, and how I have my brother Patrik and his girlfriend Erica to thank for getting me hooked J

Originally this blog had a TERRIBLE name: LCHF…What?! I know! It is horrendous! But initially this blog was never meant for anyone else but me.  The hubby and I had decided to eat strict LCHF for one month to see if this diet was something for us, and during that one month period, I used the blog as a form of diary. Daily I wrote what I was eating and how I was feeling. If you would like to read my first foray into the world of LCHF, please click here.

Over time the blog started to grow naturally. I started to become increasingly interested in LCHF and the more I read and the more I researched the more I wanted to share with people what I had found. Surprisingly people started to follow the blog – there seemed to be a lot of interest in this topic. Today, this blog no longer charts my tentative exploration into the world of LCHF, but rather it shows my commitment to the LCHF way of life. The LCHF Club was born!

As LCHF is incredibly popular in Sweden and the other Nordic country, I have realised that there is a lot of great information out there on LCHF, but unfortunately for you non-Swedish speakers, the majority of it is not in English. So it is my hope that The LCHF Club can provide a place where non-Swede LCHFers and potential LCHFers  can visit to get some quality information and some great inspiration on what to eat on the LHCF diet.

I would also like this blog to act as a sort of forum.  A place where we can have discussions on LCHF, learn and get advice from one another as well as inspire each other.  If you would like to share your achievements with the rest of the LCHF community, please feel free to email me your story and I will publish it on The LCHF Club, so you can inspire others!

I look forward to hearing from you!


Email: Thetravellingchopsticks@gmail.com


10 thoughts on “About

  1. thanks for doing this on all our behalves – I’ll be so interested to hear how it goes! we’ve sort of been trying the 5:2 diet, but really only sort of…. much love, Caroline and Greg

    • Hi Caroline – yes, I’m rather interested as well. Although I went into the diet 100% committed to do it for a full month, I was very sceptical about it. However, I have to admit half way into my little experiment I’m becoming increasingly convinced (with some reservation) on its potential! Will let you know how it goes!! XXX

  2. Hi from Canada, Alex! I have to say, so many of the things I read about LCHF are my secret shames… butter on cheese, whipping cream in coffee, that sort of thing… but even as a young child my Granny reminisces about me eating butter by the spoonful. We always had margarine at home, you see, while she had real butter. And I was never overweight as a child. I am gluten-intolerant, which I know now, but was raised on tons of whole grains and uber-healthy wheaty goodness was always around our house. As it happens, my Mom has celiac disease… the worse she felt, the healthier we ate! We know better now. She’s had tremendous improvement in her health by following an autoimmune paleo diet but I can’t seem to kick my cravings for fat. I’ve been beating myself up for these cravings, but I think I’m going to try LCHF and see if that doesn’t help. (I have been eating spoonfuls of peanut butter with butter – and I know the peanuts aren’t good for me but its the only thing that settles that craving down.) I’m a little worried that my spouse is going to gain weight, though, since he won’t give up his wheat and sugar. Maybe when he sees that it works for me, he’ll change his mind. I guess I’m counting my chickens early though!

    • Hi Bev, thanks so much for stopping by and sorry for my delayed reply! You and I seem to be in the same boat!Growing up I loved butter and cheese and when I would visit my grandparents they put whipped cream in my coffee, and I thought it was amazing! In fact, I have a memory of myself at about 8 in a cooking class eating butter by the spoonful until the teacher told me off!! 😉 This is why, I think LCHF suites me so well. I am very lucky that my husband decided to go on this journey with me, being a scientist he could understand why it would work when he read up on it, and we have been supporting eachother. I think the best way to overcome this situation, is you just focus on your own food in the beginning – dedicate a month where you are going to be super LCHF and see if it suites you. Hopefully by then, your spouse will see the results and will also want to jump on the band wagon 🙂 Let me know how you get on!

  3. So I have been researching about LCHF and I am hesitant to start it because I don’t want to count calories. So how am I supposed to know if I’m getting enough protein and fat ratio? Carbs is obviously not a problem because you want to avoid it as much as possible. And did I read that there is no fruit? I read in some posts that fruits are ok and other posts that fruits are banned. My other concern is about sauces. I don’t like to cook so I will not be making any sauce but buying them. So if I go out to eat at restaurants or want to eat food with sauces at home, what should I be looking out for? Can’t I just eat the food with whatever sauce it comes in? Thoughts on the ratio?

    • Hi – thanks for stopping by 🙂 The great thing about LCHF is that you do not need to count calories. With the amount of fat that you will be consuming, by normal standards your calorie intake will increase significantly. You just have to remember, that calories are not made equal! In regards to the fat and protein ratio there is no hard and fast rule on this it really depends what your goal is. The only thing to focus on is cutting your carbs and upping your fat (note that does not mean increasing your protein intake drastically). In regards to fruit, again this is up to you if you want to lose weight, I would cut it out all together in the beginning as there is a lot of sugar in fruit. Finally – the sauces. Unfortunately most pre-made sauces are packed with sugar and you really need to avoid them, you will have to do your own research and study the labeling of the products to see what is inside them and if you find one with no sugar you are good to go – but I think this will be difficult. Instead of using sauces, try using a herb butter, sour cream or yoghurt! Let me know how you get on! Good Luck!

  4. Hi Alex, I’ve just started the LCHF a week ago, and so far so good! One meal I need ideas for is breakfast. I have 3 young children and I work, so breakfast needs to be fairly quick and nutritious. I have been having Greek Yogurt with fruit and a few almonds on the week days, but I’m not sure what fruits I can eat on LCHF. Also any idea’s besides almonds and walnuts on top of the yogurt?
    Do you also have any other breakfast meals that are quick and easy? On the weekend I do a lovely fry up of creamed mushrooms, eggs and bacon – so that’s great, but too time consuming for a week day breakfast. I love your website and I’m really enjoying looking through the recipes on the Travelling Chopsticks. I’m going to make the Cauliflower Pizzas tonight, can’t wait! Thanks Donna (NZ)

  5. I dont know for how long you have been living in Brazil or how about you portuguese 🙂 . I wrote everything in portuguese and then it hit me: What if she doesnt speak it? hahahah. So sorry for that.

    Oie, descobri seu blog ontem e amei….estou começando a LCHF agora e é bom conhecer alguém no Brasil ( ainda mais em Brasília, também moro em Brasília) que tem esse estilo de vida.

    Estou acompanhando TUDO e adorei ver sua foto no EIXÃO andando de patins.


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