Perfect Roast Chicken

For those of you who follow my instagram account probably realise by now – My hubby and I love roast chicken! We probably roast a chicken at least twice a month if not more! It is quick, it is versatile and it is delicious!


As it is only two of us, we usually eat all the dark meat and skin in the first sitting (the skin is the best part and never warms up well later…so enjoy it while its crispy 🙂 We then save the breast meat for another meal, like a quick stir fry, chicken salad, caesar salad, what ever we fancy. Finally we make stock from the bones!

Roast chicken is so incredibly simple and easy! You can find my recipe for roast chicken over at The Travelling Chopsticks or just click this link:

Perfect Roast Chicken

Happy Eating 🙂


14 thoughts on “Perfect Roast Chicken

  1. Thanks for sharing. I totally agree and so does my husband. Roast chicken is wonder-fer-ous! Check out my instagram page and you’ll see what I mean. Low carb drives me to be a better cook!

  2. Do you save the chicken fat to use later? I have been thinking about using chicken fat to flavour my veggies as I am lactose intolerent. Any help on how long the fat lasts in the fridge/freezer would be appreciated.

    • Hi Julie – I actually don’t save the chicken fat, although that would be a good idea. I just use it to make the gravy. However I do keep and use is the fat from bacon – it works perfectly to add some great flavour to the veggies. However, I don’t know how long it would last in the fridge. But I am sure there is a website out there with that info 🙂

    • I have all kinds of fats in my freezer like duck, bacon, pork (from a roast pork belly) and those fats last indefinitely, as long as there is no stock or liquid combined in them. Then, I would say about a month or so, I’d use them up. If it’s pure fat and some nice, crunchy tidbits in it, I’d say roast away! Those veggies are going to thank you!

  3. Okay, got it, but you can clarify the milk solids out yourself or buy Ghee at an Indian market for about $12-14. It lasts indefinitely; it’s just pure butter. You can drink Almond milk because it has zero carbs.

  4. Clarify your butter. It will separate the milk solids. Also, you can drink almond milk because it’s zero carbs. Hope these tips help you.

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