Is LCHF and Organic Inseparable?

If there is one thing that drives me absolutely nuts when it comes to LCHF and Paleo for that matter is the snobbery and elitism that sometimes goes with it.

I recently read an article from a Paleo blog that I really enjoy, stating that farmed-salmon is not Paleo. What!? Wait a minute, how can that not be Paleo?  Its protein. Its fatty. Its not processed. Our ancestors ate salmon. So how come farm-raised salmon is not Paleo?


Well the reason given is it is due to the way the Salmon is reared and what they are fed. Naturally I agree that wild salmon is the optimal type of salmon to eat giving you the biggest health benefits. Farmed fish never taste as good and ultimately you don’t know what they have been fed or what has been pumped into them. But to completely disregard it and say it is not Paleo bothers me.

By disregarding it, you are disregarding a lot of people who can’t get hold of wild salmon or more likely can’t afford to buy wild salmon. If you are feeding an entire family you have to watch that budget. But this is not just about salmon – I have seen many LCHF & Paleo blogs/groups/FB pages that make you believe that unless you are eating purely organic, grass fed, free range, cage free etc etc you are not ‘really’ Paleo/LCHF and are dismissed.

And this is where my problem lies. I would LOVE to buy everything organic, cage free, grass fed, free range – you name it. But I just don’t have access to it. Organic produce here in Brazil is still a relatively new concept (most of it’s organic products get shipped abroad), and when it is available it is prohibitively expensive. Does that mean I don’t eat LCHF? 

Absolutely not. My opinion and let me be clear – it is my opinion and I am not an expert – is that as long as I am doing the best that I can. As long as I am making the best decision out of the choices I have, I shouldn’t be told that it is not good enough. I should be encouraged!

Anyway – that was my rant, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this debate. Do you think you can only eat LCHF/Paleo if you only buy and eat the best quality products? 



12 thoughts on “Is LCHF and Organic Inseparable?

  1. I agree! I find eating correctly is so expensive compared to eating rubbish. The meal ‘fillers’ are dirt cheap – bread, pasta, rice. It’s the protein, and even the vegetables (here in New Zealand) that are the most expensive items. Its not cheap eating cleanly, and to have that extra pressure to only buy organic or free farmed. That’s just not possible when you are feeding a family!

  2. I can’t agree more! Sure we would all love a limitless budget when it comes to food bill but let’s face it that is just not the case for most of us. I tell everyone to do their best when it comes to choosing the best LCHF foods but not to beat themselves up it they can’t get everything from a gourmet mart. Focus instead about cutting out the obvious bad stuff and in time the other changes may come even if not as quick as others may want.

  3. I was thinking the exact same thing. I chose the best of what is available and what I can afford. I eat unprocessed and natural I would say about 80% of the time for no other reason that it is healthy and most of the time the cheapest.

  4. I think people follow a LCHF or Paleo diet for a variety of reasons. Some people are very much into the healthy-food-religion other people use it to lose weight and others again because it gives them a good feeling in their bodies. I follow a LCHF diet to lose weight and I also get pretty annoyed when I hear the preachers going on about organic food and LCHF in an almost saint like way. Let’s free it for religion, please. Thanks for your entry, I fully support it 😀

  5. For the past year or so I had gotten rather “elitist” with my grocery shopping. I truly wanted to purchase the best possible food for our household, but after watching my grocery bill sky-rocket during this time I decided enough was enough. I now spend HUNDREDS of dollars less a month! Sure, if money were no object, it would be nice to be able to buy the absolute best of everything, but that’s just not my reality. I have to say that the relief of saving some “dough” actually feels better than the sneaking suspicion I had that I was just throwing money away.

  6. Good post! Look…people get super, super emotional about food, turning it into a religion, getting all egotistical about it. I should know–I used to be a dreaded vegan for over 4 years. Being a food Nazi is a great way to repel everyone around you who doesn’t follow the same diet. It’s just a destructive way to live. Now that I’m older, I take a more relaxed approach to my LCHF, and I CERTAINLY see no reason to buy organic. Numerous studies, such as this one at Stanford University, have shown that organic food is NOT SAFER, MORE NUTRITIOUS, OR MORE HEALTHY than conventional crops:

    However, I live in the U.S., where food is fairly regulated. If I lived in China, for example, where pesticide use is NOT very regulated, I’d eat organic vegetables to try to avoid giant doses of chemicals. Anyway, eat your farmed salmon, enjoy it, and never give in to the snobs. EVER.

    • I completely agree with you Thomas. My husband is in fact in the agricultural business and he has some interesting views in regards to organic and what actual health bennifts that they do have. In most cases the label ‘organic’ is purely for commercial reasons! However like you say – eat what you want, make the best choices you can and eat what you can afford but ultimately live a great life 🙂

  7. Totally agree, I would be more than happy if I could afford organic produce as I know that it is in many ways closer to that which we would have eaten 100’s of years ago. Unfortunately in this day and age we have mortgages and families that ‘need’ a lot and too much that majority of money has to go toward. As long as you are eating correctly and enough to fill you up that’s really all that should matter, then maybe some day when organic becomes cheaper or more reasonable it won’t be such a luxury for us. Thanks for posting I have also been reading/hearing about this concept of organic only LCHF.

  8. You are so right! I am feeding a family on a tight budget but try to buy good food. Loving LCHF but there is a lot of elitism. It is so unnecessary!

  9. Amen! :0) It is like saying that a walk in the fresh air is no good if you don’t speed walk. I translate LCHF books and often get irritated over just the elitism in the texts. LCHF would get many more converts if it looked more accessible to everyman.

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