New Rice Alternative

The other night I made a wonderful fish curry! It was delicious! Not only was it creamy, spicy and wonderfully LCHF, but it was incredibly easy to make! You can find the recipe over at The Travelling Chopsticks.

However, like many of us LCHFers, I too have certain food that I miss, especially in relation to other food. Rice being one of them. I love everything about rice. The look of it, the texture of it, the amazing way it works as a vehicle for wonderfully rich sauces.

Not eating rice along with my curry seems almost like sacrilege – ok, ok I am being overly dramatic, but you get the picture! I have mentioned previously cauliflower rice proved to be an adequate alternative, and I have recently discovered another alternative…..bean sprouts!

It’s small, it’s crunchy and not only does it give a great texture, but it too proves to be a great vehicle for all that lovely sauce. Now, I am going to be honest with you – it is NOT rice, it will NEVER be rice, but importantly for me I didn’t MISS the rice!


According to Nutrition Data:

  • 100g bean sprouts = 6g of carbs
  • 100g of white cooked rice = 28g of carbs

If I am avoiding 22g of carbs in one serving – than that bean sprout ‘rice’ is suddenly looking even better 🙂

Preparing the bean sprouts is incredibly easy and quick. In some fat/oil (of your choosing) quickly fry the bean sprout. For me it was important that the bean sprouts were really just warmed through – I wanted to maintain the crunch and make sure they were not soggy. I added some salt and pressed garlic for a bit of extra flavour.


7 thoughts on “New Rice Alternative

  1. Just discovered your blog and I LOVE it! On my second week of LCHF and am loving it so far. I lost seven pounds after the first week, then these past couple of days gained about two. Sticking with it though because it totally makes sense to me! Thanks for the great resource! 🙂

    • Hi Jenn – thanks so much for your comment! I find that I still fluctuate with my weight, and I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to be constant! What is the most important is how you feel and how your clothes fit you! I feel wonderful on LHCF and that is the most important – and yes, it totally makes sense 🙂

    • Most people lose a lot in the first week of LCHF because they empty the body of carbs. Carbs attract a lot of fluid which has a significant weight. Keep up the good work and you will carry on losing (fat).

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