New Name and Instagram!

Hey Guys – as you have seen by now, I have changed the title of this blog from LCHF…What?! (which was a stupid name in the first place) to The LCHF Club – what do you think?

I feel that now I have been living LCHF since April of 2013 this blog is no longer the explorative journey that it started out to be, but rather a blog that has made a commitment to the LCHF way of life! I believe wholeheartedly in this way of eating and will continue to do so in the future.

So why the name The LCHF Club? 

Well, as this diet is becoming increasingly popular in Sweden and Scandinavia, there is so much great information and blogs on the internet related to this way of life, but the majority of  the information is in Swedish. I am hoping that I can provide a place where non-Swedish LCHFers and potential LCHFers alike can visit and get some quality information on the diet and some inspiration on what to eat!

I also would like this blog to act as a sort of forum – a place where we can have discussions on LCHF, learn and get advice from other LCHFers as I don’t think anyone truly is an expert on this topic. If you would like to share your story with The LCHF Club and inspire others with your achievements please feel free to email me your story to and I will upload it to this blog.

Additionally, I have also started an Instagram account (which you can see to the right) under the name The LCHF Club – you are welcome to follow me and see what LCHF goodies are coming from my kitchen 🙂

Now it is time for Boot Camp!

Adios mis Amigos!




2 thoughts on “New Name and Instagram!

  1. I LOVE the new name. The old one was kinda bugging me.. cause i kept saying WHAT!? LOL…I was like – what is the what for…hehe… So I have been doing LCHF since March and have lost 20 lbs so far! This is a miracle. I have tried every diet out there since getting diagnosed with hypothyroidism. NOTHING happened. SO I gave up and ate whatever. They I got diagnosed with diabetes. The doc told me to do my own research to figure out what to eat. I did.. I found the Diet Dr and i have been hooked. LOVE IT!! I can do it. Its not that hard and I feel like I eat bad stuff… and ENJOY it! (like butter and fat..yum!). And I am in the US. Thanks for sharing your site with us!

    • I KNOW – it was a TERRIBLE name! I hated it too – but to be honest, when I first started the blog, it was just meant to be a way for me to keep track of what I was eating and feeling – that I didn’t put much effort into it! But now, I have been getting such a positive response from people -I thought it was time to make the sight a little better 🙂

      I am very impressed you have lost 20lb since March! That is amazing and your body must be feeling so much better for it! I remember when I first started last year, I felt continuously guilty for the first few weeks because of what I was eating (butter, bacon, cream) but when I started to see results – I soon got over it 🙂

      I am glad you are enjoying the site – and keep me posted on your progress 🙂

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