Baked Cod Wrapped in Bacon!

Wow – what a combination, bacon, white fish and rosemary! It is something that I would not have naturally paired together, but my goodness does it work!

The recipe is simple and straightforward, and I am almost certain it will convert any person that does not like fish. I ate this together with sauteed cherry tomatoes with garlic, which went really well together, and gave a very Italian feel over the whole dish. You can find the recipe over at The Travelling Chopsticks, please click HERE photo 1 (17)

The recipe comes from Jamie Oliver’s book ‘Jamie’s Ministry of Food’. The book is really geared towards people who are not very confident in the kitchen, trying to give them basic tools and basic recipes which can be easily adapted into different meals. With the ultimate aim of getting people back into the kitchen and cooking more real food and eating less processed rubbish and take aways. So if you are not a confident cook, I would really recommend it. It may not be LCHF, but there are lots of great vegetables dishes, and meat dishes which can easily made into an LCHF meal.