The Importance of Planning!

When I first started on the LCHF diet, planning my weekly meals was essential. This ensured that I stayed on track and there was the right kind of food at home, so I never had any excuse to jump off that proverbial wagon.

Fast forward almost a year (5th of April!), and I still plan my weakly meals. Not only does it help us keep on track, but I like the other benefits of planning our meals, such as never buying unnecessary food, not wasting money, and actually being organised enough to try new recipes.

I got my weekly meal planner from a Swedish shop called Kiki K (I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to organisation!) however, you can easily make this your selves:

photo (7)

(You will notice that last week I was in Argentina for a long weekend….I can ensure you I only eat good grass-fed beef, drank fantastic wine…and only one or possibly two empanadas managed to sneak their way into my diet..)

I have swapped out the “snack” option at the end for “exercise” as I like to be able to keep track of what I have planned during the week, to make sure I have at least 3 activities. Something that I have grown to dislike on quite a few of the LCHF blogs I have stumbled across is this notion that you can just eat LCHF and lose weight, that you don’t need to exercise. I think that if you are ever trying to lose weight, maintain weight or just have a healthy lifestyle – it is important to exercise!

If you are looking for a good meal plan to help kick start your LCHF lifesytle – take a look at THIS post from The Science of Human Potential, which goes into detail about getting started on LCHF. Here they give you a meal plan as well as some ideas for substituting some of your favourite carbs (they have actually linked to some of my recipes which I’m quite chuffed about 🙂

However, they do talk about ‘whatever days’ days when you can eat whatever you want, and although they do not condone or encourage these days, I just wanted to put in my opinion. I don’t think you should, ESPECIALLY in the beginning!

Your body takes time to adjust to a new way of eating, and in order to truly get into LCHF and feel the benefits, I think that it is particularly important, especially in the beginning to be strict. Give yourself a manageable time frame like one month. If after that one month, you do not think that this diet is for you, at least you have tried it! Anyway that was my two cents worth 😉

What do you guys find the hardest on starting or being on LCHF?







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