BBC News: Fat IN, Sugar OUT!

Guys – have you seen this article from the BBC regarding fat?

It talks about how there is a growing amount of research that fat is actually good for us, and it is in fact sugar that we should be carefully consuming. The fact that this kind of information is increasingly being portrayed in mainstream media is great news for all of us LCHFers, and a great step forward to fighting obesity and diabetes in our society.

The only aspect of this article that made me raise my eyebrows slightly was the talk about calories – not that I am a nutritional expert, however the majority of information that I have read regarding consumption of fat, is that calories are not created equally and we shouldn’t really be monitoring them as we have done in the past.

However aside from that – it is still an exciting article especially in regards to the paradigm shift that we are slowly starting to witness! Now it is time for breakfast….eggs and bacon guilt free 😉


One thought on “BBC News: Fat IN, Sugar OUT!

  1. You don’t count calories, because your appetite regulates itself when you are eating lchf. And it does work well!

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