Addicted to Sugar – BBC Documentary

My husband has been harping on at me to watch this great documentary about sugar for weeks, unfortunately with so much going on in my life at the moment, I did not have the time to just sit down and watch it. However, yesterday afternoon I found an hour, and I completely understand why C was so keen that I should see it. It was excellent!

It is actually part of a 4 part BBC documentary series called Addicted to Pleasure, which investigates our addictions to tobacco, opium, whiskey and sugar, and how these addictions really fueled and drove the British empire.

Naturally I watched the Addicted to Sugar episode first, and it is that program I would like to share with you today – but it was so well put together and so entertaining I now have to watch the other three.

Unlike some of the other interviews, lectures and videos I have posted – this really looks at sugar at a different angle and brings some historical context into the discussion. Furthermore it is not patronising in the least bit, but very informative.

So sit down with a nice cup of tea or coffee (naturally, with lots of cream and no sugar!) and watch it. Its an hour well spent 🙂