Saag Paneer and Chicken Tika

There was a time where I could not imagine eating Indian food with out a nice bowl of rice – however surprisingly I do not miss it at all!

This was my lunch today, chicken Tika and Indian creamed spinach!


Who says LCHF is boring? 😉


5 thoughts on “Saag Paneer and Chicken Tika

  1. U have lots of options
    Breakfast No.1
    2 Fulka Rotisserie with 1 Tbl spoon Ghee + 1 Tbl spoon Fermented vegetable from various things such as chillies / gajar / capsicum etc (achar home made strictly) + Tea without sugar with high fat milk.

    Breakfast No.2
    Oats quackers 35 gms with 175 ml milk and almond kesar masala and two Tbl spoon desi ghee (1 in case of woman) with 1 Tsp Psyllum Husk + green tea

    Breakfast No.3
    Open sandwich
    1 slice wheat bread slice + butter and 2 slice cheese + chutney + cucumber as much as u want + tomatoes 4 slice + onions 2 slice (no potatoes or beat root) add salt to taste
    Green Tea ( can use cheese spread and can use ghee instead of butter)

    Breakfast No.4

    Upma Rava 115 gms + 2 spoon of desi ghee cow ( ramdev baba)
    1. Tblsp Achar ( home made) as pro biotic
    Green Tea or Tea with High Fat milk with 1 Tsp Psyllum husk

    Note Pl use MYFITNESSPAL app to log on to food u consume – support Indian food – can create your own personalised receipies also


    1 roti with 1 tblsp desi cow ghee
    100 gms any vegetable growing above the ground (without potatoes or beat root ) vaghar /tadka made from ghee and add 50 gms Malai paneer fried in ghee
    Achar fresh home made as pro biotic -1 tblsp + chutney + fresh chillie
    Chaas 1 glass Full fat
    Can freely use coconut fresh on vegetable gravy as much as u like

    Evening Munch

    1 bread slice with good amount of butter and 1 slice of cheese
    With salad added with 50 gms malai paneer

    50 gms of brown rice khichdi with 1 tblsp ghee
    Add achar fresh 1 tblsp

    Or u can repeat lunch in dinner

    Note : no peanuts go low on pulses – make your food as high fat as possible
    No vegetable oil all junk totally prohibited

    Olive oil and coconut oil are OK instead of ghee

    Additional protein powder can be added to increase protein intake if u are doing heavy work outs or exercise

    • You have some good tips here – although you still include allot of carbs such as oat crackers, roti, wheat bread and brown rice. Ideally on an LCHF diet you should eliminate all of these to get the true benefits of living a low carb lifestyle.

      • This meal is typical Indian veg food – One roti Fulka is 12 gms carbs – thus totalling all these will make it about 100-125 gms carbs and the fat will be contributed mainly by Ghee – 1 Tbspn is 12 gms of fat about 120 calories. This diet will make it abt 1800 caloRies with 50-60 % fat – abt 15 % protein n rest 35 % carbs. Not bad for beginners. If one wants more fat can add ghee or paneer to diet and restrict Roti intake to not more than 4 a day.

  2. Hi Macvir just wondering do you anyone who actually lost weight on Vegetarian LCHF diet,if yes can you pass his or her details to get some tips
    As i am trying form long time didnt see any sucess.

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