LCHF Pyttipanna

Last night, I made a LCHF pyttipanna – which was hands down the most amazing pyttipanna I have ever made! For those of you who don’t know what a pyttipanna is, its like a Swedish bubble&squeak or hash!

photo 1 (2)

Traditionally it is made with meat and potatoes – but last night, I substituted the potatoes with kabocha pumpkin, and it was delicious.

I mean, cauliflower rice instead of rice is ‘OK’, LCHF bread instead of normal bread is ‘OK’ but kabocha pumpkin instead of potatoes – was mindblowing (can you tell I am excited?). I did not miss the potatoes at all, infact I think it tasted better than normal!

So, why don’t you guys give this a try – you can find the recipe here:

Pyttipanna with Kabocha Pumpkin


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