Stir Fry Beef with Carrot ‘Noodles’

Do you remember a few weeks ago I made zucchini noodles by hand? Well after I wrote that post – I went online and immediately ordered myself this:


This little handy tool is called a julienne peeler and is great for making ‘noodles’ or ‘spaghetti’ out of anything 🙂

So today, for lunch I decided to make a beef stir fry using carrots as my ‘noodle’. It was a really good and satisfying lunch. My only complaint is that there was probably not enough fat in it, but I am rectifying that now, buy having a hot tea with cream!

photo (5)

You can make this with any of your favourite stir fry recipes. Prepare the meat and vegetables like you would normally, and in the last 3-5 minutes throw in your julienned carrot. I like my carrots still slightly crunchy, so I just stir them in and let them get heated through and then lunch is ready 🙂

Now before you go and start complaining that carrots are not ‘LCHF’ I will agree with you. If you are on a strict LCHF diet, you should not be eating any root vegetables due to the sugar content. However, rules need to be broken sometimes. right? 🙂

I have been fielding a lot of questions recently on how much carbohydrates am I allowed to eat? What should my ratios be? What is considered LCHF? And in all honesty it seems there is no hard or fast rule on this – even amongst the LCHF experts! But there is common sense!

Lets have a look at the carrot for example. For every 100g there is 10g of carbohydrate, which when compared to 17g in a potato, 23g in rice and 75g in pasta….I think it is fare to say it is pretty low. So my feeling is, if you want to use it to make your ‘noodles’ every so often, do it! In order for LCHF to be a success for you and is a diet you can live with, I think it is important to vary your meals and not to get stuck in a rut!

What are your thoughts on bending the rules? are you a strict LCHFer or slightly more liberal?


Cabbage Is My New Best Friend

The last week I have discovered cabbage! Don’t get me wrong, I have always enjoyed cabbage, but it is something that I don’t cook with often. However, recently I have been substituting thinly sliced cabbage  for carbs and I have to say it is working pretty well and it is a very versatile vegetable!

Yesterday I made a spicy stir fry with minced meat and vegetables – I wanted something with a bit of a punch and used curry, cumin and chili powder. Instead of rice or noodles, I added in the sliced cabbage and fried it all until it was done and I have to say it was a very satisfying meal. It really reminded me of noodle dish.


Before you say anything, I completely agree with you all – this picture is not the most appetizing of photos! But hey, as long as it tastes good! The reason why I’m posting it, is to give you some ideas of how to substitute carbs. This may not be something you serve your guests at a dinner party (I know I certainly would not), but if you are looking for a quick mid-week meal this hits the spot.

I also added a huge dollop of natural yoghurt (I can’t get sour cream in Brazil) to up the fat content and make it more filling!

Talking of terrible photos – have you guys seen the buzzfeed of Martha Stewart’s photos? They are terrible….so it made me feel so much better and gave me the confidence to post the above! Check out this link if you fancy a giggle 🙂



LCHF Pyttipanna

Last night, I made a LCHF pyttipanna – which was hands down the most amazing pyttipanna I have ever made! For those of you who don’t know what a pyttipanna is, its like a Swedish bubble&squeak or hash!

photo 1 (2)

Traditionally it is made with meat and potatoes – but last night, I substituted the potatoes with kabocha pumpkin, and it was delicious.

I mean, cauliflower rice instead of rice is ‘OK’, LCHF bread instead of normal bread is ‘OK’ but kabocha pumpkin instead of potatoes – was mindblowing (can you tell I am excited?). I did not miss the potatoes at all, infact I think it tasted better than normal!

So, why don’t you guys give this a try – you can find the recipe here:

Pyttipanna with Kabocha Pumpkin

The Catalyst Episodes!

Hey guys – how is your low carb November going so far 🙂 I’m feeling pretty good and on track!

I know when I first started on LCHF, the hardest thing for me was to get my head around to the idea that saturated fat is actually good for us! And that we should not only incorporate fat into our diet, but embrace it. Six month down the line, and I have fully embraced this idea and now it just seems natural to me.

However, for those of you who were skeptical like I was – ABC Television in Australia has done a fantastic documentary called Heart of the Matter which deals precisely on this topic: saturated fat and cholesterol. I had seen this documentary being spoken about on various LCHF blogs from down under, but I have just watched it for myself – and I am feeling even more impassioned on this topic!

It is two episodes of about 30 minutes each – please, please please take the time to at least watch the first episode (Heart of the Matter, Dietary Villains), which deals with saturated fat and cholesterol and how in fact it is sugar that is the enemy! The other episode delves more into cholesterol and drugs – which is also incredibly interesting!

Sometimes I wish I could shout out this information from the roof tops so everyone can hear – I want everyone to understand how important this information is.

Here are some more information currently being published on wordpress on this matter – which makes for interesting reading!