Thinking Outside the Box

When you decide that you want to change your eating habits and try to reduce something as significant as carbs, you will have to make some real sacrifices, especially in the beginning. In every conventional cooking book, magazine or even online food resources, the majority of recipes you will stumble across will be very carb heavy: Pasta, risotto, mashed potato etc. It is also what you are used to cooking with, a meal is not complete with out carbs!

However, one of the things I love (sometimes hate) about LCHF is that it forces you to think out side of the box, and ultimately pushes you to be a better and more flexible cook!

For example, last week I saw this fantastic looking pasta recipe from Christina’s Cucina – it looked delicious, and my immediate reaction, was what a pity that I can’t make this. What?! Wait a minute – why not? I don’t have to eat the pasta, but I can still make the sauce and pair it with something else.

For example, I could make the sauce and toss it together some steamed vegetables or, make the sauce and use it as a gravy for some kind of protein. Which is exactly what I did! I made this lovely sauce and poured it over some minute steaks with side of sauteed broccoli and cauliflower. It was a very satisfying meal!


So, don’t get discouraged in the beginning! You may not be able to eat what you are used to – but a whole world has just opened up with possibility, time to step out of that box!


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