Mega Burger Dinner!


So one of the blogs I follow (quite religiously in fact) is Popular Paleo….i know, i know…Paleo is not LCHF, but to be honest, both school of thoughts in my opinion are pretty much on the same track. Plus I get my food inspiration from everywhere :).

Anyway Popular Paleo is an awesome blog, where you can  not only get a lot of really good information, but some mouthwatering inspiration as well!! I cannot wait until all my kitchen utensils arrive from Mexico, as the first thing I am going to attempt to make is Ciarra’s cauliflower lasagna!

However last week I was inspired by one of her pictures she posted in FB, a double decker burger! Basically the meat patty works as the ‘bun’ and you put some lovely fillings in the middle 🙂 GENEIOUS!

So that is what I made for dinner last night – double decker burger with crispy bacon, fried onions and melted cheese, with a side of roasted Japanese pumpkin. It was fantastic.

Please excuse the photos, they may not be the prettiest things you have ever seen, but you have to trust me, they will definitely be one of the tastiest things you will ever try 😉


While I was doing a bit of research on the best way to make burgers and how to roast a pumpkin, I came across these two websites, which I ended up using and would also recommend taking a look at:

1. Serious Eats*

2. Tiny Urban Kitchen

*Honestly – the instructions on how to make a burger were excellent and is the reason why my burgers tasted so good and were so juicy!


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