LCHF is Official in Sweden!

In the midst of settling into my new home and country, it seems as though I have missed a very important event last week. I only became aware of it, thanks to Awesome Åshild’s blog. SBU, the Swedish Council on Health Technology Association has determined that a Low Carb diet is most effective for weight loss. Did you hear that? Do you understand how big that is? The SBU is not just some hick lab that is paid to do research by a large corporation, it is an independent national authority, tasked by the Swedish government to assess health care interventions from a broad perspective.

This is undeniably a huge success in the world of LCHF, as it means that the Swedish Department of Health will now have to incorporate this information into their subsequent policies about health care and nutrition.

Although Sweden and the Nordic countries for that matter are already very open to the idea of LCHF, what this report does, is it makes LCHF accepted at a national level. It is no longer a ‘fad’ diet which so-called nutritional experts can deny or sweep under the rug. Health care and nutritional providers all around the country, will have to sit up and listen!

For more information on this topic, I suggest heading over to Diet Doctor where you can see his analysis f the report and further information on this topic:

It is an exciting time for us LCHF’ers 🙂



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