First Home Cooked Meal in Weeks – LCHF style!

You all remember how I was complaining a couple of weeks ago about hotel food…..well I am pleased to announce, that I am now in Brasilia, in my new apartment and I made my first LCHF friendly meal today, and it feels good! Wohoo

In the middle of my anti-hotel food breakdown, I saw this great looking recipe on Popular Paleo: Moroccan Chicken. What I wouldn’t have done to get my hands on that meal! There is something about a tomatoey spicie stew which I just find so comforting. Although I did not make this today as my kitchen is not at all stocked at the moment, my lunch was definitely inspired by it.

I had some veggies in the fridge, half a chicken breast and half a jar of tomato sauce that needed to be used up. After I had sliced up and browned the chicken breast and put them to one side. A quickly sauteed all my veggies, poured in the tomato sauce, and threw my chicken back in and let it simmer for a bit. At the very end, I added a handful of fresh parsley and grated cheese. It definitely was not fancy, but I can say it was the best meal I have had in weeks.


Bring on home-cooked food goodness once again 🙂


4 thoughts on “First Home Cooked Meal in Weeks – LCHF style!

  1. Mumsigt det ser ut! Vad sugen jag blir på att laga mat nu! Inget slår en hemlagad måltid – särskilt inte för oss lchf-are- då vet man ju alltid exakt vad man får i sig 🙂

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