Please….No More Hotel Food!

So C and I moved out of our apartment two weeks ago today and have been staying in a hotel. The hotel is fantastic, it is a nice feeling to know that all the hard work is done in regards to packing up and out of our apartment, and now we can just sit back and relax and enjoy our final few weeks here in Mexico. However one thing that is really starting to get to me is not being able to cook and eat my own food.

At breakfast today, I took my usual eggs and bacon….but you know what? I just could not stomach it. I mean it looks good doesn’t it? But after 14 days straight I had such a strong reaction against it! So it had to be toast with lots of butter and ham – not LCHF but it was delicious!


In exactly a week, we will be in our new home in Brasilia….more than anything, I can’t wait to start cooking my own food! But do you know what I am not tiring of? This view from the breakfast table:



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