Pork Rinds – A Low Carb Snack


Something that I know a lot of LCHFers miss, especially when they first change to this way of eating, is the crunch factor. That kind of cruchiness that you can only really get from crisps (chips if you are American!) – but is that true?

Have you ever tried crispy pork rinds or pork scratching? This is a fantastic alternative to crisps. There is an intense crunch, a meaty flavour and better yet absolutely no carbs!

Although i would not include them into my everyday diet, but for a little snack every now and again, or when you have people over for drinks, its a great alternative to crisps – they go perfectly well with a cream dip or a guacamole!

I know a lot of people generally don’t find the idea of pork rinds appetising Ā – but if you can get a hold of it in your country you really should give them a go!


Pork rinds in Mexico!


5 thoughts on “Pork Rinds – A Low Carb Snack

  1. Good ol’ pork rinds…. you may have already come across this one, but a good alternative for breading when it comes to making fried chicken… or baked chicken is… roll drum… pork rinds!

    Thanks for the reminder, haven’t bought some in awhile. Good post.

    • Really? I have never heard of that? How interesting. What do you do? Do you crumble the pork rinds so it is like flour and then dip the chicken in them? Once I get out of this hotel room, I am definitely going to try this – thanks for the tip šŸ™‚

      • Yes, you dip your chicken in egg, roll it in pork rinds, put on greased tray, bake like you’d bake any chicken, perhaps turn it over (temperature and time may differ based on your preference, recommend experimenting). I’m a hit at potlucks with it until they find out it’s pork rinds! ha! but they continue eating it anyway.

        Please let me know how you like it. Drop me a comment at TheThreeAs.com

  2. I put pork rinds in a plastic bag and crush them with a full can or rolling pin. I then us the crumbs on pork, chicken, fish….anything that bread crumbs would of been used for. The result….DELICIOUS…especially if you like the spicy ones.

    • Hi Betty, thanks so much for stopping by! Another reader told me the exact same thing and I had never heard of it – but it sounds so good! I haven’t been able to find pork rinds here in Brazil, but once I get my hands on some – this will be the first thing I make šŸ™‚

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