Sometimes That Wagon is so Damn Hard to Stay On!

So, I realise it has been pretty quite here the last few weeks, and I am sorry – I have such a guilty conscience about it. C and I were on holiday the first 2 weeks of August, and I have to admit, I am a rubbish blogger when I am on the move!

I also have a big confession to make – I have not been living  completely LCHF for the last few weeks. It was just too difficult. Is that a weak excuse? I think so too! However, sometimes life gets in the way no matter how good your intentions are! C and I visited Paris for a few days – and I challenge anyone to say no to a freshly made croissant in the morning, or a pick nick made up entirely of amazing French bread, cheese, pate and wine?! I’m sorry but I am human, and I love to eat!

We also went to Sweden to visit my family – this was slightly easier to keep on track as both my parents, my brother and his girlfriend are LCHFers , well not really my dad, but as he doesn’t cook he has no say as to what is served for dinner 😉 But that is not to say I did not cheat (a lot).  When you live abroad, there is something about going home and wanting to eat all the food that you can’t normally get! For me, that was all the fantastic Swedish cakes and breads (I don’t even have that much of a sweet tooth), new potatoes straight from the earth, toasted bread with butter and cheese….these are things I dream about when I am abroad!

But do I regret it? Not really. I enjoyed every piece of rhubarb crumble with vanilla sauce I could get my hands on in Sweden – but do I want to get back on track? Absolutely. While I am on strict LCHF my body feels so vibrant and awake, where as now, I feel slightly dull and blurry (not to mention a few kilos heavier!).

We are now back in Mexico, however our life is a bit upside down as we are preparing our move to Brazil! We packed out of our apartment yesterday and I am now sitting here in my hotel room with my two cats – but am determined to eat as strict LCHF as I can for the next few weeks. This obviously will have its own challenges, but I need to get back on that wagon!

I’m curious am I the only one that has fallen off the wagon recently? If not, how do you get back on? And how do you stay on when you are on holiday? Or are you like me, where you think you can cheat slightly every now and again?


3 thoughts on “Sometimes That Wagon is so Damn Hard to Stay On!

    • Hi Stellabm – I hope you manage to get back on track, you know your body and mind will feel so much better for it – but like you say, that damn sugarrush is hard to beat sometimes! We are currently in a hotel, and I have to admit that I am still finding it hard to eat true LCHF, but I am trying to make good choices! Looking forward to settling into life next week in Brasil where I have more control of my cooking and eating! I will start posting more regularly again 🙂

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