(Almost) Three Month Living LCHF

I was going to write my 2 month summary on my experience and thoughts on LCHF – so I sat down today to write one, but glanced at the calander realised that next week on July 4th, I would have actually been eating LCHF for 3 month! Where does the time go?!

So this is my (Almost) Three Month Summary!

Nearlly all skepticisms I had in the beginning of my LCHF challange have been completely banashed. The longer I am on the LCHF diet and the more I read about how carbs, sugar and processed food negatively affect our body, the more convinced that eating a low carb high fat diet is the way forward.

Not only am I more convinced that this is right way of eating for me, I have also become increasinly annoyed at governements who do not want to listen to the new evidence and increasinly angry at large food corporations that continue to feed the world’s population rubbish. I am convinced that in 50 years time, we will look back at this period and wonder how in the world our governments ever allowed food companies to be so irresponsible with our health!  But this is a whole other topic which I am not going to go into now.

Healthy Feeling

I really want to focus this post on how I am feeling mentally and physicially- and I can tell you that I am feeling very healthy indeed. In the 3 month that I have been eating LCHF I have had no adverse side affects (apart from initial headaches and flu like symptoms in the first few weeks) but rather the opposite.  I no longer feel bloated after eating, my energy level no longer nose dives after lunch, rather it is constant throughout the day, allowing me to feel continuously awake and alert.

Good Skin

I am also convinced that my skin has improved immensly since I have started this diet. Ever since my early 20s I have continuously had pimples and quite bad skin, always spread around my chin, mouth and lower cheeks, very often they would be large and painful. It got so bad that my Dr. advised me to go on the pill Jasmin, as that was known to level out hormones and improve adult acne. Although it definilty improved, my face was far from pimple free but I have just learnt to live with it the last 8 years.

It was in fact C who noticed it first, he commented that since I had started LCHF I have not broken out as much, and when I started thinking about it I realised he was right. Over the last 3 month, I might have had a total of 4 pimples and no break-outs (*Touch Wood*), and after he noticed it, my friends and colleauges noticed it too, and I have been getting alot of compliments on how fresh my skin looks at the moment. Although I have no scientific evidence that my sudden clear skin is directly linked to LCHF, I truly feel that this must be a major factor as this is the only big change I have done in my lifestyle recently.

Weight and Exercise

Something that I am slightly concerned over however is my weight. When I started this diet, I was fluctuating between 62-63kg. In the first month of doing LCHF, I went down to 60-61kg, but I feel that the last 2 months I have increasinly put on weight and now the scale stands between 63-64kg (which I am not happy about one bit).

Before I throw up my hands and give-up, I have to admit a few things which could also be the underlying reasons for my slight weight gain. My lifestyle. The last two month I have been socialising far more than normal which has meant a substantial increase of alcahol during the week and lots of very late nights on the weekend. I had also lost my motivation for exercise completely – in fact I don’t think I went to the gym once throughout the month of May.

However, I feel as though I am back on the straight-and-narrow again. I no longer have a houseguest that can lead me out for a wine filled dinner mid-week and by seeing 64kg on the scale a few weeks ago…I quickly found my motivation to exercise. So lets see how July goes.

Food and Eating habits.

I would say that I am eating a strict LCHF diet 90% of the time. However, there are times where I don’t have a choice on what I eat, or it is particularly difficult to avoid carbs – living in Mexico is probably the biggest challange to the LCHF lifestyle. But I don’t beat myself up about it. If I have a tortilla or two every couple of weeks – so be it. If I am at a friends house and they are serving rice, I have a little. I still am not consuming anywhere near the amount of carbs I was doing before.

I have also realised that my eating habits are slowly changing. I used to be always a type of person that needed 3 meals a day, I could not understand how anybody could skip breakfast! In the beginning of the LCHF diet, I continued to eat my 3 meals, and even added in snacks inbetween meals and looking back, I think I ate more than I normally would have, becuase I was ‘allowed’ as long as it was low carb high fat – that should be ok right?

However I have realised now, I’m just not hungry and if anything this diet has taught me – you really have to listen to your body. So the last few weeks, I have found myself skipping breakfast all together, my coffee and cream being more than sufficient to keep my sated until lunch time. At lunch, I have been having my yoghurt (which I used to have for breakfast) and when I get home from work a cup of tea with cream and then dinner. I am VERY suprised at this! As you all know – I love my food!

Summary and Going Forward

I am a convert. At this moment, I cannot even imagine going back to eating the way I used to do, and all the new information out there in regards to the effect of carbs and sugar on our body is all pointing in this direction.

As mentioend previously I am somewhat concerned with my slight weight gain – so I will be monitoring that closely, but I have to get back to the level of activity I was at when I started this diet, in order to have a fair understanding. However considering I have been eating saturated fat for an entire 3 months and not exercising as often as I usually do, conventioal understanding of diets would dictate that I should have put on a substantial amount of weight by now – this is something I find interesting!

So the short if it is YES, I am very much enjoying my LCHF lifestyle, and I am going to continue eating this way for the foreseeable future!


Who wouldn’t want to eat like this?! 🙂 (picture from dietdoctor.com)


8 thoughts on “(Almost) Three Month Living LCHF

  1. My husband and I have been doing LCHF for three and half months now. I will not go back to eating the way our government told us to do. We feel so much better. Our health is has gotten so much better in a short time. Our friends can’t see how great it is (YET). This is our new way of life.

    • Hi Christine, I am so excited to hear that! I know, when I first started on LCHF, after the initial flu like symptoms, I could not get over how good my body felt and I wanted the whole world to know! So far none of my friends are convinced either, but it is only a matter of time 😉

  2. I have been eating for 3 days with hflc and down a kilo i love how i feel and i cant even look at sugar i used to be addicted to sugar had to always buy candy i feel amazing i am always full no bloating and you can inexpensively eat this way there is a book out the decarb diet guide to a low carb lifestyle it is unreal i met the author and he has helped me to eat this way written by howard rybko i have awesome recipes easy as 1 2 3

  3. last night for dinner i made mince with veg and cheese all fried in butter and it is delicious i also had whipped cream and nuts after i eat what i want when i want wed nite i ate cheeseburger never at lunch till 12 30 thur it is amazing this diet i am happy and enjoying my energy levels!

  4. Over the past two decades I have read many books from Atkins to Eades, Cordain/Paleo and the Barry Sears Phd Zone diets but two books I’ve read recently I also highly recommend. “Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog” by Grant Petersen is one excellent book and probably all one needs to read and you can open the book anywhere and read a two page chapter. The other book much more detailed is “Primal Body, Primal Mind” by Nora T. Gedgaudas. Between these two books you have pretty much all the info you need to a ketogenic style diet that is necessary for optimum health. My blood work confirms it.

    Another great book for those interested in the anthropological history of our paleolithic ancestors as well as numerous health tips both mental and physical is Dr Michael Eades “The Protein Power Lifeplan”. Good Luck to all who have arrived at this basic understanding that we should all have known since birth. I’m angry that my parents and society were and still are ignorant to the way we were all designed to eat. We are the only animals in God’s green earth that don’t know how to eat.

    • Hi Carl Davis – thank you so much for your book recomendations. I have not heard of them, so will be looking them up! My husband is currently reading the English version of Fat Revolution by the Swedish Dr. Andreas Enfeldt and he is really enjoying it!

  5. I have enjoyed reading your blog and am grateful for all the work you put into it. I am 2 weeks into the LCHF and doing great. I am curious if you are still sticking with the 90% LCHF you were in your last update. I know I can do this but for how long? It seems that this needs to be my way of eating forever as I have finally found a way of reducing the weight without feeling starving all the time. Have you kept it up? And did your body just adapt and put back on the weight anyway like it gets used to the amount of exercise you do then that becomes the new norm?

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