Petter Attia’s TED Talk: What if We are Wrong About Diabetes

When I first started to get interested in the LCHF lifestyle, I spent hours trawling the web, reading blogs, trying to find out as much information as I can on the subject. It was during this pursuit, I came across Dr. Petter Attia and his blog The Eating Academy. I really enjoyed his way of writing and how incredibly thorough he was in his research.

So today, when I saw that he had given a TED talk – I was excited. I really enjoyed the talk, unlike many of his articles which are very fact and scientific driven, I felt this his TED talk was personal and heart-felt (even got a bit emotional towards the end – which I wasn’t expecting).

Also what I liked about it is the fact that he honestly admits that he does not have the answers! None of us have the answers at the moment when it comes to nutrition – but something is wrong. Something is wrong when we have such a huge increase in obesity and diabetes in our societies. Somthing is wrong when a seemingly healthy man can suddenly develop diabetes in his 20s.

We need to re-examine why this is happening, and if cutting out sugar and carbs and regulating our insulin levels is the key, we need to research this!Here is the talk in case you are interested in watching it:

Petter Attia: What if we are wrong about diabetes


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