A Series on Obesity

Its Fact Finding Friday (gosh the week has gone quickly!)

So I had found some really interesting videos on sugar – more specifically Dr. Robert Lustig speech The  Bitter Truth About Sugar. But to be honest, not only is it long (1.5hrs) I think I need to watch it at least 1 more time, to really understand it myself…it was rather heavy on the science side and to be honest my dyslexic mind needs a bit more time to wrap itself around what he was saying!

However, I came across this series called The Skinny on Obesity where Robert Lustig is interviewed and it is divided up into far more manageable episodes. I really enjoyed watching them, and watched them one after the other (well really listened to them, as I was at work!).

It is not on “LCHF” specific, however I think anyone who is interested in pursuing the LCHF lifestyle, is doing it for health reasons and to lead a better life!. Episode 5 Generation XL really struck a chord with me. As women, we are potentially predetermining the health of the next generation even before they are born and predetermining their quality of life!

So I hope you enjoy the series as much as I did!

Episode 1: An Epidemic for Everybody:


Episode 2:  Sickeningly Sweet


Episode 3: Hunger & Hormones


Episode 4: Sugar – a Sweet Addiction


Episode 5:  Generation XL


Episode 6: A Fast-Paced Fast Food Life


Episode 7: Drug, Cigarettes, Alcohol and Sugar


So what are your thoughts on the series? Is there anything you particularly would like to see in the next Fact Finding Friday?

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Series on Obesity

  1. I love this set of videos , so informative , the bit on Leptin was particularly good. This cleared up a few questions I had .Im 4 weeks into giving up sugar and refined carbs , so need to watch things this good to keep me going.

    • Hi Tony – I am so glad that you have found it helpful! I must admit, I have been very slow in updating my blog, but comments like yours make me realise that people do find it helpful! I will make sure I continue posting relevant info! Thanks for stopping by!

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