My First Weekly Menu: May 20th to May 26th

For my own sucess on the LCHF diet, I decided that I needed to continue to write a food journel, but instead of publishing it on a  daily basis, I will publish it weekly. Every monday you will be able to see the food I ate the week before and get an idea of what I am eating on this LCHF diet.

Becuase I am a creature of habit, I can already tell you that unless otherwise stated, I have a pot of greek yoghurt with cream, rasberries, blueberries chopped pecan nuts and a large thermos of coffee with cream every morning for breakfast! And unless otherwise stated, I drink water with all my meals.


Lunch: Canteen Mixed Salad with ‘cesar’ dressing

Dinner: Stuffed red pepper with meatsauce and melted cheese, slice of fritatta and a mixed salad. 2 glasses of white wine and 2 squares of lindt chocolate with sea salt

Had 2 friends over for dinner and decided to make the above. The meatsuace has lots of vegetables and cream added to it. I was slightly worried that it wasn’t enough for everyone, so I made a side of goatcheese and leek fritatta served with a sald.

Everyone loved it – and no one missed any carbs! 🙂


Lunch: Left over goatscheese and leek frittata

Snack: Builders tea with almond milk

Dinner: 2 small seed crackers with smoked salmon, 2 seaweed wraps, one with smoked salmon, the other with ham and cream cheese.

So i’m really excited about these ‘seaweed’ wraps. I had run out of seed crackers and was just planning on spreading some cream cheese on a slice of salmon and rolling it…but then I saw this packet of seaweed lying on my counter and an indea struck. I put the salmon with cream cheese on the seaweed, rolled it…and my seaweed wrap was born! It is my new all time favourite LHCF snack! Will post pictures and instructions soon!

Snack: Camomile Tea wtih dark chocolate

The week before last, I made a concious decision of not having milk at home – and have substituted my milk and chocolate habit at night with tea and chocolate. It was much easier to do once I had no milk in the fridge calling!


Exercise: Light 30 min work out on the eliptical

Lunch: Stirfried beef strips with chilli, salad of onion, red pepper, cucumber and tomatoes, cream cheese side

So I was not organised enough to bring lunch with me – and ended up going to the canteen for lunch. I had the above, but realised that there was no fat included so asked for a pot of cream cheese, which was actually worked really well with it. However, 30 minutes after lunch I was hungry…there was just not enough fat in the meal for me to be sated.

Dinner: Starter: Mango Gaspacho with dollop of sour cream. Main Course: Beef Brisket with Mole sauce, accompanied with green beens and roast caulifower salad. Desert: Poached pear with dollop of goats cheese, icecream, honey and balsamic vinigar. 3 glasses of red wine (possibly 4…)

DEFINITLY NOT LCHF FRIENDLY!! Some friends of ours organised a farewell meal for some other firends who are leaving Mexico in the next few weeks, and they put together this AMAZING spread! I have never had a mango gaspacho before and it was delicious- incredibly refreshing, but not LCHF! However, I have said, if it is for a special occasion, I will be willing to break the diet – and this was a special occasion.

Note: I felt terrible the next day! I felt as though I was hung-over, and although admittedly I tucked into the wine, I was in bed by mid-night and had a good 7 hours sleep. I felt ‘puffy’, head-achy and foggy. I wonder if maybe it was the reaction to the starter and desert I had. I haven’t had so much sugar in over a month – even when I broke mydieat in San Miguel, it was never with such intense sugar bomb. Something to consider!


Lunch: Hot and spicy Korean soup with vegetables

Went with come colleagues to the Korean place near work. Had the usual banchan (korean sides) and a spicy soup.

Dinner: Roast duck leg, with muschrooms and smoked lardons, 2 glasses of wine

Went out for dinner and was impressed how LCHF this dish was -admittedly I have no idea what oil or butter they used to roast the duck leg in….but I would rather not know!


Lunch: Kebab meat with cucumber salad and lettuce, along with garlic cream dressing

Went to a Kebab restaurant with a colleauge – and I asked for my no bread with my kebab, which was met with a rather pequilar look. But I got everything that would normally be in the pita on a plate with a salad. It was tastey, but even with the creamy dressing – it did not fill me up one bit.

Snack: mixed salted nuts

Had an office event. There was icecream, cake, cookies and fruit…i stuck to the nuts. Have to admit I am proud of myself, as I was really hungry from lunch. But after how I felt yesterday it was not worth it!

Dinner: Fried porkchop in butter with a mushroom gravy, side of creamed spinach. 3 glasses of red wine and a tequila shot


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with cheese, side of bacon, tea with almond milk

Lunch: Yoghurt with cream, berries & nuts

Dinner: Spanish Tapas, lots of wine!

Ok…So I can’t be bothered to list everything I ate! A group of us went to one of our favourite restaurants in Mexico called Casa Portugesa and ordered whole list of starters and had them tapas style – all of which were LCHF friendly! I also have to admit it was a very heavy alcohol laden night too much to record here, let me just say that C and I crawled home at 5.30 am!


Breakfast: Stirfried minced meat with vegetables & seasoning, with lettuce wraps.

SO…as mentioned previously Saturday was a late night! I woke up craving ANYTHING that wasn’t LCHF friendly! I could have killed for a big bowl of pasta, rice or a great sandwhich!! BUT I stuck to my guns, and decided to make these lettuce wraps instead – which actually hit the spot! A great hung over breakfast! You have the greasy feel of the stir fried meat, but then the crisp fresh salad.

Lunch: Guacamole and BBQ beef and roasted onions. Scoop of chocolate icecream

We went to a friend’s BBQ and I managed to keep the main lunch very LCHF friendly, but I just couldn’t resist the chocolate ice cream in the end!

Dinner: Chicken wings

I think it was more the hangover talking – but both C and I came home and were craving chicken wings. I marinated them in soya, honey, sesame seed oil, ginger and garlic and popped them in the oven. I realise the marinade was not LCHF….but I was not really thinking of that when I made them!


This week has been crazy. We have a friend in town who is staying for a month – and we have also had so many social engagements which is very unusual for us. In a normal week we eat-out one or two times maximum. Due to all of these dinners and lunches, I have not eaten enough high fat (HF) dishes or even balanced dishes at that, I have also consumed far more wine and alcohol than I usually do coupled with far too many late nights. Which means that I am exhausted and not feeling very motivated. If you are to embark on a diet like LCHF and be successful, I think its important to be organised and make sure your meals are varied. By doing so you decrease the chance of straying of even being tempted to stray.

I am looking forward to a far quieter week this week and focusing more on my meals, on exercising and early nights! Wish me luck!


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