The Evils of Wheat

Welcome to Fact Finding Friday 🙂

I have never been one to blindly follow a trend. I need to understand things to a certain degree and I definitely need agree with it. So over the last month and a half I have been scouring the internet looking for information in regards to the LCHF diet and if in fact it is worth pursuing.

During my searches, I have come across some really interesting speeches, like the one given by Dr. Donald W. Miller which I posted earlier in the week. I find it easier to process the information and understand the topic when it is presented to me, rather than sifting through heavy research papers. So I thought whatever of interest and of substance that I find, I will post it here – as it may be helpful to you too!

This speech was given by Dr. William Davis last year for the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC). Dr Davis is best known for his book Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight and Find Your Path Back to Health.

As you can imagine his speech was along the same lines and it delves into why wheat is specifically bad for you.

During this whole LCHF process I have felt that the worst carbs out there are those that are wheat based, such as bread, pasta and cereal (processed food is a given!) Instinctively these forms of carbs feel ‘worse’ than say potatoes, sweet potatoes or carrots (which technically you can’t eat on the LCHF diet) because they are combination of many ingredients. However Dr. Davis has now confirmed my suspicions and has encouraged me to try and stay away from all wheat based products. Although I’m going to Paris in a few months…and I don’t know if I will be able to resist not to have a croisant or pan de chcolate!! (will keep you posted!)

For those of you who are interested on listening to his speech you can follow the link below. It’s about an hour long, with some really interesting Q&A sessions at the end:

What are your thoughts on wheat? Do you think it is as bad as Dr. Davis portrays it?


3 thoughts on “The Evils of Wheat

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  2. I’m with you… I used to think the whole “wheat is bad” thing was a load of baloney (cue the Jim Gaffigan bit) until I started doing LCHF and 1)read more about it and 2)experienced it for myself. I used to think that my occasional belly distress was because I got my gallbladder out, but now I find that more often than not, the days I have issues are days I have wheat. Thank goodness i’ve found so many gluten free recipes that I don’t care about wheat anymore. Oh yes, I also get migraines and joint pain when I eat wheat. Geez, what a poison! I really need to write a post about this as well. The decrease in my migraines alone has been nothing short of miraculous. I was just reading that Maja at LCHFMalta has had a similar experience.

    Interesting, I didn’t realize Dr. Davis is based only 2 hours from where I am!

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