Enjoy Saturated Fat – They Are Good For You!

I was browing the web, when I stumbled upon this very interesting speech by Dr. Donald W. Miller, in regards to how saturated fat is in fact good for you. I have to admit, public speaking may not be Dr. Miller’s foretay – he seemed rather nervous on stage, but I am glad I continued to watch what he had to say as it really was rather enlightening.

I thought that I would share his speech  with all of you as well, as I felt that it gave some really good background as to why exactly we are all eating LCHF. Not because it is a fad diet and we want to be slim and beautiful (although I would be very happy if that did happen), but because it is healthier for us! The video is almost an hour long, but I highly suggest that you take the time to watch it, or at least listen to it as allot of his arguments make a lot of sense.

Although I think the speech is worth watching – you can also read his written version here:


Its time to stop being scared of saturated fats and start to embrace them!


One thought on “Enjoy Saturated Fat – They Are Good For You!

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