I Have a Confession (When Things Go Wrong)

As you probably have noticed it has been rather quite here the last few days. The reason being, is that Friday 10th May was Mother’s Day here in Mexico and we got the day off work! So along with a few friends of ours from Mexico City, we decided to go on a weekend trip to San Miguell do Allende which is about a 3 hour drive from here. I promise to write more about this magical Mexican city in the The Travelling Chopsticks as it truly is an amazing spot – if you ever fancy a holiday!

However for this issue we are not here to talk about what a wonderful weekend get-away I had with my friends and hubby, but instead focus on my LCHF confession.  Yes, your suspicions are confirmed – I did not keep to an LCHF friendly diet over the last few days! And do you know what?! I felt terrible.

Although I had planned to ‘break’ my diet on one of the mornings as we were staying at this B&B that does amazing chilaquiles (basically fried tortillas, salsa verde, shredded chicken, cream and cheese…very traditional Mexican breakfast). I ended up breaking if for the entire weekend.

On the Friday we left for San Miguel I was very organised however. I knew we had a 7am bus to catch, so the night before I made myself a fritatta which I could bring as breakfast and set up the coffee machine to brew coffee at 5am – so I had no excuse to stray. Which worked perfectly – really the success of any diet is being organised.

That night however, due to unforseen circumstances I ended up falling off the LCHF wagon earlier than expected. We went to an Italian, with amazing view of the city however with dismal service. The service took an exceptionally long time – so when my grilled jumbo prawns with a side of spinach finally arrived (it took amazing discipline not to order the pasta or wolf down the bread basket in the middle of the table) I was excited. My excitement was extinguished the instant I bit into my prawn and tasted that they were off! The idea of ordering something else was just not an option; it was 10pm (Mexican dinner time), I was starving and I didn’t want to have to wait another 40 minutes for my meal. However as it turned out, one of our friends who has a 3 month old had to abandon dinner before her main course of gnocchi arrived due to her baby suddenly getting very sick (reaction to a new formula). So I ended up eating her meal instead and sending back the prawns.

Although it was a situation that was beyond my control – unfortunately I used it as an excuse. I had the mind-set well I have broken it now so I might as well continue, mentally giving myself a green flag for the rest of the weekend. Which is the WORST thing I could have done!

After the 1st day of not being careful with my carb intake, I felt terrible. My head felt heavy and fuzzy, my energy levels dropped dramatically, I experienced hunger I haven’t done in the month I have been doing LCHF and just generally a sense of being off kilter throughout the weekend.

Although I had a lovely time – I had this feeling continuously nagging me in the background, and it would have been even better if I had taken control of my eating habits rather than the other way round. Yes, I have agreed that I will eat carbs for a special occasion or for a special meal – but letting myself run away like that ultimately did not do my body a service, and now I have to truly focus on getting back on the straight and narrow.

However, there are lessons to be learned here.

  1. Although I found myself eating rice, pasta and a little bit of bread over the weekend – when I look back at those specific meals…none of it was particularly enjoyable, and I could have easily lived without it.
  2. Get Back on that Wagon! If you have slipped up, or if you have given yourself permission for that one meal – make sure you stick to what you have negotiated with yourself – and make sure you make a smarter choice for your next meal.

The minute we got home yesterday afternoon, we went to the supermarket and stocked up on LCHF friendly food (I also made a point of not buying milk). So today, I am back to what has been my usual diet – and you know what? I’m already feeling better for it!

test image 25


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