Crisp Bread with Salmon and Cottage Cheese



C is out of town – and I had planned on making scrambled eggs with smoked salmon tonight, as it was quick and easy and I love it! But then I realised I did have a frittata for lunch which as you know is very egg based. In an attempt to make sure that my diet is varied and exciting, I decided to change my plans.

Instead I had a quick dinner which consisted of 2 seed crackers I made recently, cottage cheese , smoked salmon and cucumber. With 2 slices of a wonderful pork terrine which I bought from the specialist store yesterday.

It may not look like much  – but after the frittata I had for lunch earlier (with cream cheese), I was not famished and this worked perfectly. Although messy I love the combination of smoked salmon and cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is relatively tasteless, so you can really pimp it up with herbs, salt and pepper to make it slightly more exciting.

If you don’t like cottage cheese – use cream cheese – its also another great combination.


One thought on “Crisp Bread with Salmon and Cottage Cheese

  1. Sitting in the curry house waiting for our takeaway with the cauliflower rice ready and waiting back home! And I made the seed crackers this afternoon….bloody brilliant, although I shouldn’t have left my husband in charge of making sure they didn’t burn! Only need about 35 min in my oven I think. Thanks heaps though…..having something crispy to dip in my pesto was such a nice change 🙂

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