Day 28 – 2 more days to go!

0830 Breakfast: Coffee with whipped cream

I was going to meet a friend for brunch around 10am so I didn’t want to eat anything.

1130 Brunch: Poached egg with spinach, sun-dried tomato sauce and slice of camembert cheese

Everyone and their dog seemed to have the same idea for brunch today, so we had to wait a while to get seated! Really glad I had my coffee and whipped cream as it kept me sated for longer than normal. The restaurant was very good, they were offering coffee and pastries to everyone who was waiting! I had the coffee and surprisingly I was not even tempted with the pastries – all this talk and research on carbohydrates has really put me off!

Brunch was lovely – there is nothing better than hanging out with a good friend one-on-one and just chatting about life.

1600 lunch/snack: 2 seed crackers with pork terrine

For some reason I felt pretty nauseous after brunch. I don’t know if it was because I had too much coffee or again because the food was too rich for me. But I wasn’t very hungry until later than usual so just had a snack instead.

2000 Dinner: pork ‘chili’ with cauliflower rice, and parsley yoghurt dip

C made a really good pork chili – apart from being slightly greasy (due to the cut of pork we used) I loved it! Instead of using tomatoes he used tomatillos which are a staple here in Mexico – and the gravy tasted just like salsa verde which is my favourite salsa (honestly this divides people in Mexico…you are either a salsa roja (red) person or salsa verde!?). That mixed with the cauliflower rice, served with my creama/yoghurt mixture was fantastic!

I was a bit of a piggy and probably had 3 servings! I didn’t realise how much I missed that acidy salsa verde flavour which I usually have with my enchiladas! Surprisingly however, C was unimpressed. He did not like the cauliflower rice at all and thought it was just too greasy!

2200 Snack: Chamomile Tea with Lindt Sea Salt Chocolate.

Do you see that I have exchanged my milk for tea? That is a step in the right direction no? It was the perfect combination for watching my new favourite crime series Hannibal!

Summary & Future: 

C and I were talking about how we are going to go forward. We only have 2 more days left of the challenge. C is looking forward to the end, and was wondering how we were going to celebrate? I on the other hand am nervous. I really like this diet and want to continue – but am worried that if I allow myself to be less strict this will be detrimental to my waist line!

I need to form a strategy in the next few days – and organise my thoughts!


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