Day 27 – Delayed

The holiday yesterday threw me off a bit on my timing. But here is the update on what my day looked like on Tuesday:

0800 Breakfast: Yoghurt with cream, berries and nuts. Thermos of coffee with cream

1300 Exercise: 40 mins aerobics

To be honest I don’t really know if what we did is called aerobics, but I do know there was a LOT of leg and arm work! Which felt good!

1400 Lunch: Kalpudding

Still need to post the recipe on the kalpudding (Cabbage casserole).

1700 Snack: Coffee with Cream

Didn’t feel very hungry but was in need of a cafine kick!

2100 Dinner: Fritatta with Salad and Cesar dressing

C wasn’t very hungry as he had a late business lunch, and I wanted something more than cold cuts, but didn’t feel like cooking. So it became a fritatta again – i have to say I love it! I also had a side of crispy romaine lettuce with Cesar dressing.

Future & Summary

Nothing to add today!


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