Day 26

0800 Breakfast: Yoghurt with cream, berries and nuts. Thermos of coffee and cream

1300 Lunch: Kål Pudding (Cabbage Pudding)

OK – so in English this does sound good at all! But I promise you it is – it used to be one of my favourite dishes that my grandmother used to make when we came to visit. Very typical Swedish peasant food (not saying my granny with a peasant…but you know what I mean!)

Basically its fried cabbage with minced meat and baked in the oven for 30-45 minutes. Traditionally served with potatoes and a brown gravy (of course) but I had it as is and really enjoyed it. I will post the recipe soon!

1700 Snack: 2 seed crackers with cheese, tea with milk

I really wanted to have a cafe late today around 3pm – as that worked so well the last time I went to hot yoga, but as there was a strike outside our office (one thing I hate about Mexico) and right next to Starbucks, I decided that I could live without it.  So had some tea and crackers instead.

1830 Exercise: 90 mins hot yoga

Did really well the first hour and 10 minutes – but then I crashed! The last 20 minutes of yoga killed me and I really struggled even to stay in the class – the heat felt unbearable today. I really think Hot Yoga is not only a physical challenge, but incredibly mental as well. If you brain is not in the right frame of mind you have lost the battle!

2100 Dinner: Mixed cold cuts, cheese, vegetable and cracker plate. Tea with milk

To be honest, I felt so sick after hot yoga the idea of food was incredibly off-putting. C made a lovely Cesar salad with chicken and bacon (made the dressing from scratch too) but I just couldn’t face it. However, I knew I had to have something in my belly – or I was going to feel terrible in the morning. So had a couple of slices of pork terrine, a wedge of Roquefort cheese, sliced up capsicum and crackers. It was just what I needed, and I could pick it at, until I was full.

Future & Summary:

Again, not much to add today. All signs of side-affects from changing to the LCHF diet seem to have disappeared. I no longer have headaches, no rash on my chest…and best of all I no longer smell 😉 (which is alawys a bonus)


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