Day 25

1030 Breakfast: 2 Home Made Seed Cracker. One with cream cheese and pate, One with butter & Cheese. Coffee with Cream

I made these home-made seed crackers – which were awesome. I will share the recipe shortly. They have far more consistency that Oppsie bread and far nicer to eat! I’m excited that I have found them!

1400 Lunch: Tea with Almond Milk

I was not at all hungry at lunch time, but knew I had to have something in my tummy, as we had an appointment between 3 and 5. I’m part of charity committee here in Mexico, and we spent a couple of hours at a local orphanage helping them set up their new library with all the new books and games we had donated. It was a lovely afternoon. But there was temptation everywhere! The other volunteers had backed some amazing cakes, biscuits and muffins, then they ordered pizza – it was torture! But C and I stayed strong 🙂

1800 Snack: 1 almond cookie with brie cheese

When I got home, I just needed something to tie me over until dinner. C had made these almond cookies the day before, which on their own I am not too excited about, but with the brie cheese, they were delicious, I will share these with you too!

1930 Dinner: Fried Chicken thigh with Salad, glass of red wine

Originally we were planning on eating salmon filets for dinner. However, after we left the orphanage and managed to abstain from all those goodies – C was determined to indulge in some fried chicken. So C was in charge of dinner – and he made them brilliantly, really crispy skin and succulent – what a lucky girl I am to have a hubby who is such a good cook!

2100 Snack: Chamomile Tea, which Sea Salt Dark Chocolate!

I have swapped out the milk for the tea – this is my first step to try to cut out milk completely. But I have decided that I am not cutting out my chocolate. I am not a fatty and I have no health problems to worry about, so I am going to enjoy this!

Future and Summary

I was actually surprised how little appetite I have had during the days over the weekend. This is something incredible for me as I am constantly hungry and wanting to nibble on something. I feel as though I have increased my fat consumption this week, and maybe that is the reason.

I am now on my final leg of this journey – and I’m feeling really excited. How I feel now, this is something I will definitely continue with in the future. I may even give myself another month…let’s see how it goes!


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