Day 23 – Weigh In Day

0830 Breakfast: Thermos of coffee and cream, cheese cubes and chorizo

I ran out of Greek yoghurt today, but knew I had cheese and chorizo in the fridge at work, so decided that would be good enough for breakfast and it was. Kept  me full until my lunchtime date with my colleague.

1300 Lunch: Stir fried beef with vegetables, salad and thousand Island dressing

Went out for lunch again today – this week I’m really on a roll!! I went to my usual Japanese restaurant around the corner and had their Friday special which is the stir fried beef in oyster sauce. I am certain the oyster sauce does not fit into the LHCF lifestyle as there must be sugar and preservatives in there, but so be it!

1700 Snack: Tea with milk

Felt full from lunch so did not need any snack this afternoon – but enjoyed a nice cup of tea instead!

2030 Dinner: Stir Fried Cauliflower Rice with vegetables

Really excited about this cauliflower rice. I had some vegetables that needed to be used up and decided to make a fried rice with the left over cauliflower that I put in the freezer. I need to work on the consistency as I think I chopped up the cauliflower too small – but can definitely see the potential!

Future & Summary

 I weighed myself today – and my sneaky suspicion that I went up is confirmed. I went up a 1kg since last week. I now weigh 61.8 kg – I have to admit this did not please me at all. I felt so cocky after the 1st week where I went down quite dramatically that increasing again is tough mentally. BUT, after really thinking about it, there could be many reasons why I had such a rapid weight loss in the first week.

  1. Loss of water due to change of diet
  2. Body re-adjusting to new diet
  3. Faulty scale

In fact I think it is a combination of all 3! Having said that however, I still feel very good, and most importantly I feel as though my clothes fit me better at the moment, and I have lost a bit of my muffin top which really is the best indicator of all. I have one more week left of this challenge, and I am looking forward to the end. Writing these food journals does get a bit boring! I can’t imagine what they are like to read!!


3 thoughts on “Day 23 – Weigh In Day

  1. They’re dead interesting to read, honest! Btw, another reason could be “time of the month”. I find that sometimes when i have a really good week, I haven’t appeared to lose a thing, which is really demoralising. Then suddenly, I’ll drop a couple of kilos in a very short time. I’m convinced it’s to do with water retention for us ladies!

    • I’m so glad that you are enjoying reading the daily posts. I have to admit sometimes I have no inspiration and looking forward to friday as that will be my last daily post!! Also thanks for the words of encouragement – i too believe that water retention is a key factor in our weight fluctuations – that is why i’m trying not to get too hung up about it! I have to ask – what are you doing in Sweden?

      • Hi Alex-sorry I only just replied to this! By now you’ve seen my new About page on my blog, so you’ll know I moved because I met a Swedish guy (“Why couldn’t you have met someone from Spain?” my dad said…”Cheap flights!!”). True 😀

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