My Thoughts – Half Way Through

So, I’m almost half way through my LCHF challenge, and I thought I would jot a few notes down on my feelings thus far.

Apart from a few days in the second week where I was battling a killer headache, I actually feel quite good. I feel lighter somehow, less bloated and I have more energy.

Admittedly skeptical at first, I do feel myself slowly understanding more of the theories and ideas behind LCHF, and increasingly starting to accept them.

Some aspects of the LCHF lifestyle I have had no problems adapting to. I think that most remotely educated people can understand that processed food, fast food and soft drinks cannot be good for you. As I very rarely consume such products (admittedly a diet coke would make an appearance every so often) cutting them out completely has not been a problem.

What has been a problem however, is trying to come to terms with eliminating whole wheat carbs, legumes and ‘light’ products from my diet. This is how I have been more or less eating over the last year, and truly believed I was being healthy and smart with my diet.

It was also hard to get my head around including more full fat products into my meals. Logically I understand the concept of eating full-fat; why would you eat light products which has been pumped with additives, sugars and chemicals to mimic the flavours of the full fat version?

However, going against the grain of standard nutritional information and practice is difficult – especially when you have grown up with it. I can’t just slam on the breaks and U-turn from one day to the next…

In the beginning I also had a whole host of questions churning through my mind, and I was convinced I would be the one that found the loop-hole and bring down this whole LCHF Empire (Mwah ha ha…evil laugh). Questions such as:

  1. How can natural foods not be good for you?
  2. Isn’t all that fat going to clog up my arteries and kill me of heart attack?
  3. What about my cholesterol?
  4. Surely I won’t be getting all my essential vitamins and minerals?
  5. If LCHF is trying to take us back to how humans ate thousands of years ago, why are we allowed to eat dairy? (please note that this is not a complaint…just an observation)

Obviously I am an amateur at this, and not the first to think of these incredibly ‘deep’ and ‘sophisticated’ questions – the internet is riddeled with information that not only covers all the above questions, but answered them in a way that I am comfortable to continue with LCHF…well not question 5. If anyone does know the answer to this – write to me!

A good website that covers all of the above and more questions is the Ketogenic Diet Resource which you can find here

There also seems to be an increasing number of conclusive studies which indicate the benefits of a low-carb high-fat diet. Unfortunately for the low-fat calorie counting diet – this does not seem to be the case despite 30 odd years of research and study. Which leads me to think that maybe it is time we re-think the way we eat?

I am not qualified or even have the interest to talk about the science behind these studies – however, if you would like to read them, the Diet Doctor has a list of some interesting studies which can be found here. Naturally these all show LCHF in a positive light – it is the Diet Doctors ‘thing’ after all. But I have yet to find a study that shows otherwise – if anyone comes across one I would be interested in reading it.

So what are my thoughts so far? Well I am actually feeling very positive about the LCHF lifestyle. Over the last 2 weeks, I have been eating well, I have never felt as though I was missing out on anything (well possibly some rice in the beginning), and never felt as though I was on a ‘diet’. Which despite losing weight (just over 2 kg) was never my goal. Although I have to admit it’s a bit frustrating, I spent over a  year sweating my arse off in the gym and hot yoga, counting calories yet I still could not reach my ‘goal’ weight before the wedding (60kg or under), and now within 2 weeks here I am, 60.7 kg!

So in summary I am happy. I am also excited to see what the next 2 weeks will bring and what my feelings are once my LCHF One Month challenge is over.

A bit of humour: thank to www.livinglavidalowcarb.comFinnaly a bit of humour thanks to


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts – Half Way Through

  1. Well I am in my first week and thank god I read your post. I feel the same… A bit lost between lchf and Paleo? So I have decided to stop reading….do lchf and I use some Paleo recipes for cake and bread etc. I think I am eating bread when I have that urge. I admit to some chocolate too but have not had o try hard to resist lollies. Finding it hard to switch the low fat……it is only me in a family of 5 but I don’t feel guilt when I have the cheese as a snack. Cheated tonight….had a beer. So in finding this page I am restarting my challenge….4 weeks. Thanks for re inspiring me

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