Day 20

0800 Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with raspberries & cream, thermos of coffee and cream.

I’m sure you are going to notice soon that I am not very adventurous with my breakfast. Generally when I find something I like, I stick to it, until I can’t face it anymore….but that is a long way off with this breakfast I love it!

1300 Lunch: Meat Broth and banchan (korean sides) at Korean restaurant.

I had lunch with friend today – and decided to go to the Korean place around the corner from work. I like it as you can fill up on the banchans which usually consist of proteins, or vegetables in a chili sauce (yes, I am aware that there is probably sugar in the sauce…), and have a brothy soup next to it.

Although today, I was really unimpressed with my soup – I ordered a beef soup, which was watery and tasteless and full of noodles. And my lovely friends was munching away on her Bi Bim Bap!!! ooh if only I could ask them to make that with cauliflower rice instead!!

1500 Snack: Tall Cafe Late with normal milk – Starbucks

As I was less than impressed with my lunch – I still felt ‘hungry-ish’ during the afternoon, so decided to treat myself to a late. It actually worked really well – and kept me full all afternoon and needed no snack.

1830 Exercise: 90 mins Hot Yoga

Today was the first day since I got back from Peru that I felt really onto of the class! I had enough energy to last the whole session and do all 26 poses without resting and without feeling that I am going to either vomit or pass out – so an improvement!

I really think there is an art when it comes to balancing food and hot yoga. If you eat to close to your yoga session, it will be sitting in your throat throughout the class, but if you eat too early and have a completely empty stomach, you will feel faint and nauseous. But today, with my Late at 3 I felt great – maybe that is the trick!

2030 Dinner: Large portion of Melanzane

There is nothing better to have something ready-made in your fridge where you can literally pop it into the micro, blast it for 3 mins and have a home cooked meal. Especially after something as torturous as Hot Yoga (yeah…i have a love/hate relationship with it..I generally hate it more though!)

2130 Snack: Chocolate and Milk

I deserved it! 🙂

Summary & Future

Really happy how I felt today in Hot Yoga, I really felt as though I had a lot of energy and feel I look good too. Is it my imagination or am I looking slightly better in those unforgiving spandex cycle shorts?! I may even venture to loose my baggy T-shirt one of these days and just use spandex and sports bra…HA! that is not going to happen…



3 thoughts on “Day 20

  1. Alex, get yourself some sweet drops to flavour smoothies and other things with. They’re made from Stevia, and are carb-free. Check out my latest blog entry for the details ( By the way, the milk you’re having every day is not good-remember in that video presentation by Andreas Eenfeldt, he says that milk protein in large amounts is not good for you.
    Why not try swapping to coconut milk?
    Kind regards


  2. oh Julie…i knew it was only a matter of time until someone pointed that out!! That is why I have been so sheepish about it in my posts, but I just enjoy it! Although, some LCHF sights do say you can include whole fat milk, and who is to say what is a large quantity or small quanitity? Now I’m just arguing for the sake of it…as I do realise myself that I will have to ween myself off this habit!

  3. Lol…you don’t sound like you’re doing too bad at all though, so don’t worry. You’re being a darn sight more creative than me with my eating just now. though you did inspire me to get some chorizo and goats cheese soon, for a frittata! Mums!!

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