Cauliflower Rice – I’m a convert!

When C and I first heard about ‘cauliflower rice’ we scoffed at the idea – and said somewhat condescendingly ‘its like vegetarians making fake meat sausages – it defeats the purpose of being a vegetarian’.

However like most things in my life – my tune was soon to change (you can see I’m quick to make judgements, but I am also very quick to be the first one to admit I was wrong).  If any of you have read my posts from The Travelling Chopsticks – you will know that I am obsessed with rice. Rice for me is the absolute of all comfort food and I never will give it up completely.

Suprisingly, I have not really missed rice since C and I started on this project – all the food we have eaten over the past few days, there has been no real need for rice. But when we had take-away curry last Friday, I felt a pang of loss that I couldn’t have a bowl of lovely steaming white rice to soak up all that delicious tika masala sauce.

So today I buckled. I bought a small head of cauliflower and made cauliflower rice and had it with the left over curry and it was – excellent! I still need to tweak my technique as I made the ‘rice’ too small I think (overly zealous on the food processor button!), but this will be a very VERY good substitute for rice.


Doesn’t that look good? Could you imagine having a curry without ‘rice’?

If you look online, you will see lots of recipes for cauliflower rice, most of which has the following basic technique

  1. Cut away the leaves and stem of the cauliflower
  2. Cut the cauliflower in half, then cut off all the florets, discarding the thick stem in the middle
  3. Try and get the florets of equal size
  4. Pop it into a blender and pulse until desired rice size
  5. Heat a little bit of olive oil in a frying pan, add the cauliflower and lightly fry – 3-5 minutes. Add salt and any other herbs that you wish.
  6. And there you have it – Cauliflower rice

I found this post from Everyday Maven particularly helpful as you got to see a step by step approach:

What you have to bear in mind, when it comes to cauliflower rice – is that it is not rice, it does not taste of rice and it has a different consistency to rice. As long as you keep that in the back of your head, I think you will like it – or at least grow to like it. 🙂



10 thoughts on “Cauliflower Rice – I’m a convert!

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  2. Great blog, I’m enjoying reading it very much! I like the way you lay out what you ate and so on. Hope you didn’t think my comment about the sweetcorn was a criticism or anything. Just thought you’d like to know it’s not generally included in LCHF, as it has a fair amount of carbs. Be careful with peas too!

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    • The rice withdrawals are the worst! I was a BIG rice lover, that was my carb of choice! Now, I don’t crave it as much as I once did. I think the secret of enjoying cauliflower rice, is to remember that it is NOT rice. It won’t taste like rice, it won’t have the same consistency as rice – but it is a very good alternative 🙂 Especially for a curry, where it works as a great vehicle for all that lovely curry gravy! Let me know how it goes 🙂

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