Day 19

0800 Breakfast: Yoghurt with cream, with rasberries, nuts and sunflower seeds. Thermos of coffe with cream

Nothing new to report – this has become my favourite breakfast though at work!

1300 Gym: 30 mins on the cross trainer

Woke up feeling a bit ‘gross’ today. I realised since starting the diet, I have really neglected my workouts – so this week I am back on track!

1400 Lunch: Melanzane alla parmigiana, cheddar cubes and celery.

I’m so happy I made the effort to make this dish yesterday – I really looked forward to lunch all morning and really enjoyed it. I may have been a bit too stingy with the serving as I was still hungry afterwards so I nibbled on cheese and celery until I was full.

Celery has suprsingly become one of my favourite vegetables. Doing this diet, I realised I have begone to miss the crunch elements of food – Toast, crackers, pretzels etc etc, but celery gives me that umph I am looking for.

1700 Snack: 2 crisp breads with cucumbers, cottage cheese and smoked salmon.

Love this flavour combination – although its damn messy to eat, as the cottage cheese runs everywhere!

2000 Dinner: Cauliflower rice with left over curry (fish and spinach)

In case you haven’t seen my previous post on Cauliflower rice – I LOVE IT! It is a great way to make your plate look that much more full and interesting – and great with the curry. I was very excited about this yesterday!

Summary & Future

Umm…before I say anything else – did anyone notice that I did not have chocoalte and milk last night?! My craving wasn’t as strong as last week (so i’m going to blame that on the time of the month), but I was also so full from dinner that there was no room!

I think today was the first day, that I felt very comfortablea and confident regarding the LCHF diet/lifesyle. I have been feeling really good the last few days and have been doing alot of reading and research and it is starting to make more and more sense.


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