Day 18

0900 Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs (made with 2 eggs, full fat milk and cream) with Smoked salmon, 2 cups of coffee with whipped cream (YUM!)

I LOVED this breakfast. I got up before C and decided to make scrambled eggs the way I like them (slowly in a pot, and slightly loose). Served with the smoked salmon it was just such a great combination – in fact, a very popular dish for lunch in Sweden – all I needed was some chopped chives and it would have been excellent 🙂

This may sound odd – but there is a big difference when you put a dollop (or 2) of whipped cream in your coffee. It almost becomes a desert – the cool whipped cream on top, then the hot coffee comes through afterwards – really worth trying!

1400 Snack: 2 glasses of proseco

Really not a snack – but I can’t really think of another way to categorise it. We went to a friend’s place to celebrate her birthday, and instead of diving into the food and cake I took a few glasses of sparkly!

1600 Lunch (how very Mexican of us): Ceviche, scallops with parmesan cheese and crispy pork belly at Osaka Restaurant.

My breakfast kept me full all morning and part of the afternoon, it was only when we left my friends party, that I realised I needed to eat. As we had been speaking about Osaka at the party and how good it was – we both craved it! However, as a side note – that is the last time we go. It is no longer as good as it used to be and its expensive. Those 3 dishes (which we shared) cost us almost $100! I need to make a note of that in The Travelling Chopsticks!

2000 Dinner: Cheddar cubes and chorizo slices

As we had lunch so late – I was not very hungry, but felt as though I wanted to nibble on something while we were watching telly, so it ended up being cheese and cold cuts – I love it!

2100 Snack: Chocolate and Milk

I have decided that I am going to save my milk and chocolates for only the weekends. It needs to be a treat and not an every day habit! Wish me luck for tomorrow.

Summary & Future

I really believe that because I made my scrambled eggs with whole milk, cream and butter and had 2 cups of coffee with cream – I really was not hungry all day. Even when I was at my friend’s place where there was lots of food (most of it not LCHF friendly) I was not even tempted (which is very unlike me). I really am starting to believe that full fat products are much better to use and keep you sated longer.

I also realised something – I have not felt that ‘disgustingly full’ feeling in a long time. Its been over 2 weeks since the last time I had bread/pasta/rice/potatoes and I somehow feel ‘lighter’ and not so bloated. There might be something to this after all…


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