Day 17

I didn’t have time to write my Saturday post yet – so I am writing this on Monday and post dating it.

0900 Breakfast: 2 crispbread with thick layer of butter and cheese, cup of coffee with cream

1400 Lunch: Left over Chorizo & Goats Cheese Frittata.

I love having left overs that are tasty and you can just throw them into the microwave and you have a good lunch in a moment. Especially when you can’t be bother to cook but want more than a slice of ham!

1930 Dinner: Bacon and Cheese Burger (sin buns) with salad and home-made tarragon mayonnaise.

I did not miss the buns at all, by adding the bacon and melted cheddar cheese it really made it taste good.  What I did miss slightly was the ketchup…a burger is just not a burger without Ketchup (although i was craving sugar all day on Saturday – see note further down)!

2000 Desert: Whipped Cream, Berries and Grated Dark Chocolate.

It sounds good – but this really did not fill any craving. The grated dark chocolate just disappeared in the cream, the berries were good – but without any sugar…it just left me feeling full but unsatisfied.

Summary & Future: 

I had a really hard time on Saturday controlling my cravings. For the first time in the 2 weeks I have been on this diet, my body was just craving sugar, and I didn’t really know what to do about it. I am someone who does not naturally eat a lot of sugary things on a daily basis (I am just not particularly interested in desert) however, I can really imagine someone who has had a sugar heavy diet, would find this exceptionally difficult!

On another note however, I realised I no longer feel guilty about eating full fat products, and have absolutely no qualms about snacking on cheese or cold cuts if I’m feeling hungry. I also have noticed, but doing so – I am immediately satisfied, where as in the past, I would snack on a slice of toast, or a piece of fruit and it would leave me still hungry until my next meal.


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